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As a sucker for “good deals”, I could not pass up on the opportunity to buy a promo deal for a spa treatment for less than N5000. so I decided to purchase two treatments for my “sister- friend” and I. Armed with full excitement and high expectations ,off to the spa we went.

We gave the receptionist the coupon codes. we were ushered to the nicely decorated waiting area and she offered us free tea and coffee…..i was a bit surprised that it was free considering the fact  that it was the full works with nice tea sets too! and then came the shock , a nicely done up spa that had probably spent millions on  decor and putting the place together had only one masseuse in house….yes one masseuse! and no they werent off duty, the spa had just one masseuse simple! Did we have a choice…errr no, one of us had to wait for an hour to get the massage done. I opted  for sister friend to go first. i chilled with my coffee and magazine, one hour passed rather quickly,it was time to start the  seocnd part of the deal, the  facial consultation, we asked the therapist she said the therapist for the facial analysis was not available to do it, no explanations or apologies whatsoever……..i begin wonder oh .It was sister-friend’s turn to wait.

I went to the “massage room” to find that madam masseuse left the same bed sheet on the massage table, i’d to use the same robe and towel as sister friend.At this point I was not  sure if it was worth it anymore …..well until the massage started,it was relaxing……very relaxing actually considering the fact that the room was without the usual massage room paraphenalia ( soft music, scented oil and most of all a QUIET ROOM).

On hindsight, I could have demanded to reschedule the facial analysis for later but I’m not sure it would have changed my opinion of the service or the place, I have been pondering on one question though- why would you spend so much money on doing up a nice spa and you ignore details such as ensuring that your staff are well trained and properly appointed?

SPA : Hairsay Salon & Spa, Norman Williams Ikoyi

PROS:The massage was quite relaxing / staff was courteous

CONS: Pay attention to details such as changing sheets and robes after each client / honour your part of a deal, if you cant advice the client before payment or offer something else in its place.

On to the next one…………..



4 thoughts on “HAIRSAY SALON AND SPA

  1. Hi. Unfortunately we do not have your name or contact details. We would however like to thank you for the feedback and to sincerely apologize for the part of your experience that you found unsatisfactory. This was definitely an exception and is not the usual practice with our SPA or Salon. We would definitely take steps to ensure that his does not recur. We would like to offer you a complimentary massage/facial to try and it make up to you. Please call Bridget/Glory on 01-8424898.

  2. Thank you for your review .am so not paying for it. i was trying to call the spa to make further enquires but didn’t get thru to the 3phone numbers given (including the 01-84…Glory’s number) hence my curiosity that made me find your blog. Please dealdey when you give a deal please ensure thorough inspection as matters like this gives every party a bad name.
    Thank You

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