HSF wellness spa

Dear Lovlies,

Sunday .11.30 pm

So……… I bought another deal for a spa treatment,it sounded too good to be true for the price but I was willing to give it a go. I called to book an appointment for the treatment but none of the numbers worked, alarm bell number one rang! So I decided to drive down,I was in luck!, they squeezed me in. I quickly filled the required forms and  I was ushered to the changing area and got down to it. The bathrooms and steam rooms were clean. Onto part 2, hmmnnn, whoever said trying to keep up with all these beauty regimen must have been high on contaminated air, shebi na me carry my money go buy spa treatment. Part two was the arasys therapy. I had no idea what it was all about but it was part of the package , so off to arasys world I went, I had to have my measurement taken by the therapist who briefly explained what it was all about.  Woman dey suffer for beauty sha, controlled electric shock to shift fat?! Ok oh!!! I’d to endure about 13 mins of this, and then the measurement was taken again after, with baited breath, i checked, one and a quarter inches gone in 13 mins!!! can i be permanently strapped please? it wasn’t painful but quite uncomfortable, off the to the third part, the massage- for me this was the best  part of the deal for me, The room was tiny but it didnt take anything away from how nice and tranquil it was. the massage was AMAZING!, it was over way too soon perhaps because it was very nice. Overall it was a nice experience. A deal well worth it

SPA: HSF Wellness Spa,Raymond Njoku street, Ikoyi

PROS:Courteous staff/ Nice massage/ Very clean work tools(towels,bathroom etc)/ Great ambience

CONS: Lack of information on services offered

Any one else been here?Please leave a comment……..


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