Sunday 11.05pm

Since I have decided to throw my diet out the window so I could write these reviews,Please allow me bask in the euphoria of being a “gulu”. I thought it best to start with one of my favourite restaurants in Lagos- Yellow Chilli. There has been so much hype about the new branch of  Yellow Chilli of recent that I decided to visit there  to do this review. On a lazy saturday afternoon, I decided to go with Mr X for late lunch. On arrival, I immediately loved  the decor,layout  and ambience of the dinning room,It was tastefully done and much attention was put to detail. Soooo,We ordered two meals so we could have a feel of each of them. Mr X was really looking forward to his Jollof Fiesta  and I ordered the Tropical prawns. We were told the meals would take about 25minutes each,  to my surprise the meals came after about 15 minutes.  We decided to start with the tropical Prawns, anyone that frequents Yellow Chilli  would attest to the portions of their meals, It was almost impossible to order a meal and ask for a second helping ….. or so I thought , the portion of fries was so small that a little kid would ask for a second and third helping. I immediately called the waiter serving to ask for a second  helping of fries. Well I was told I would have to wait for 20 minutes for 1 portion of fries, …to order or not to order? well I did and it came after 5 minutes, I was a happy customer,the tropical prawn lived up to the billing ……….except that it was really small. I was in a foodie’s heaven. Onto our second meal, our ever tasty  Jollof Fiesta ( every time I think about Jollof Fiesta my mouth waters)…..well before this experience. Well, I was quickly brought down to cloud zero. It was a HUGE disappointment, What ever happened to my JF? it was unbelievable, I have had even better tasting “local jollof rice” . the rice was hard cooked and soggy at the same time, I can’t explain it. I politely called the waiter back and told him the rice was not properly cooked, he took the plate of food away without as little as an apology and returned after about 5 minutes with the same food albeit cooked a little softer but still VERY tasteless, if the chef had tasted that rice, he probably won’t have sent it back.What could have gone wrong I asked Mr X, we didn’t have an answer, and no one deemed it fit to explain to us. On a good day, I would have asked to see the manager but because I knew I had to be anonymous, I let it slide.

What could possibly have gone wrong with the second meal? I  wish I had answers…….answers no one offered to give. If the chef had an off day( Is he allowed to have an off day?) , did the service manager have an off day too? I believe the situation could have been remedied if they were paying attention to their customer’s satisfaction. On that particular day, it seemed they were only out for getting their money.Would I go back? Hmnnnn…….possibly,  to the VI branch.


Layout /ambience /Aesthetics- 8

Quality of Food-5

Customer Service-3

Value for money-5



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