Tuesday 11.05 PM.
Oh wow!! It has been yonks. I have been so caught up with all the hustles and hassles of Gidis, thank goodness it is over…….almost. I know I  promised to do a review of ten restaurants, lord help me, it is proving to be much more difficult  than I expected. I cant believe eating out will be so tasking……gulu like me. 
OK, so onto number two. WAN TAN CHINESE RESTAURANT. For the first time in my dinning experience in Lagos, I called a  reservations number and it was well serviced. I was pleasantly surprised.
So, we arrived at the restaurant and we were shown our table by a cheerful waiter, I found the menu quite interesting, the problem became what to order. We wanted to try different items on their menu to give a better basis for this review, we each decided to do a three course meal, we started with soup and prawn cutlets.I ordered the chicken and corn soup, it was very nice,thick, rich with juicy bits of chicken. The prawn cutlet?, not so grand, it seemed a bit too breaded for my liking, I could almost not taste or see the prawns in it.
While we were waiting for our main meal , I decided to pay more attention to my surroundings,should I call it a fault finding mission? Errrrrr, I don’t think so, I was  just being a diligent observer, The first thing that caught my attention was the stained table cover starring at me!! How they missed such big patches of stains on a white table cover still beats me, it was there for all to see,I waited patiently to see if anyone would be seated  at the table…..keep reading to find out. The furniture needed some polishing and coats of whatever is used to keep them looking lush. I also noticed that some idle waiters were hunched up in one corner of the dinning area gisting noisily! To me that is unacceptable,maybe if there were no guests there, it would be alright but with guests seated, Naaaaa!
So our main meals of special fried rice, singapore noodles, chicken in vegetables, and some sort of shrimp sauce came………happy me!!!. I decided to try the noodles with the shrimp sauce first, uhmm, was I bawled over? Not exactly ,was it bad? No, it was just there…..it had a little too much curry and it was too spicy, that mistake would not have been made if the waiter had asked me how spicy I wanted it, knowing it was a spicy dish……(assuming he knew what the meal tasted like),or better still indicate on the menu that it is a spicy dish.Tough luck for the chef on this day because i bit into egg shells and even brought it out, but then I have had much worse! I moved to the special fried rice and diced chicken in veggies and I loved it, it was just the way I liked it. The portions were quite generous too. I was not overly impressed with the way the food was presented though, there was no wow factor to it, it was just slapped on the plate, for a restaurant of that calibre?! I expected much more. By the time desserts ( vanilla sponge cake)was served, It looked too uninteresting for me to want to indulge( I am a sucker for desserts by the way),even though the waiter offered to pack it up to take home, unfortunately, i did not taste it.
One thing i cannot fault Wan Tan Chinese Restaurant on, is the customer service, they were really courteous and not in your face kind of restaurant.. Would I  go back there? Yes.
Quality of food-6
Customer Service-9
Value for money-7
P.S: Just before I  left , some foreigners were offered the table with the stained table cloth and they sat there. I  wonder what they were thinking or maybe they didnt see it.It was too embarrassing to look at. 

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