Thursday, 10.09pm,

The rate at which spas are cropping up in Las gidis these days is alarming !!! I’m beginning to wonder what it takes to set up a spa. Well, as someone that loves being pampered, I’m an easy bait for  luxury spa deals, I had to just try this particular treatment. I bought yet another deal. I had heard so much about colon hydrotherapy that I felt I had done it already. Hopefully, I wont pull a Usain Bolt on them when it was time to go through it.

I did a reservation for a session of colon hydrotherapy and massage at Bnatural medspa in GRA , Ikeja.I got there right on time and the room was ready for me. My assigned therapist was a friendly lady who talked me through what the session was all about and what to expect. I almost backed out at the last minute but I was very well assured I would be back for another session. …if looks could kill, the chic for don die tey tey!!!

This is definitely not for the lily-livered ones, I am here already, I might as well make the most of it. The therapist offered to insert the tiny tube for me because I was squeamish,……easy peasy, she did it without batting an eyelid. Ok, I was all set up, attached to “the machine”. What the machine does ,is to use temperature controlled water to flush your colon via your rectum. Did I hear someone say hmnnnn. The first ten minutes were uneventful,it was flushing along nicely and I could see the “gloop” passing along in a clear pipe attached to the machine.

Things however got more intense, not painful but uncomfortable.( na who send  me message oh!! I should just have “bolted” ) the water got more tepid and was going through faster, my only consolation was that I could see what it was flushing out and I was dreaming  of clearer skin already. I didnt believe it was possible to have that much gunk in me. I’m not sure if it eased out or I just got used to the feeling but I know I stopped complaining and i could actually chat  on BBM, It slowed to a stop after some minutes and it was over!! I was like already?All this while, the therapist kept coming back to check how I was doing and talking me through the phases. I  must have been high on tepid water because I actually asked her why it had to be over so quickly. Almost an hour was quickly she asked? There I was grinning like a cat that just got a bag of fish.It was an experience well worth it! Would I go back for it? YESSSSS!!!

The concluding part was swedish massage, When I got to the massage room,I floated to cloud 9, the room was gorgeous and had all the trappings of  a  fabulous massage room. Lush robes and hair covers and towels were already laid out on the bed. The lady came in quietly and she was super polite! And this chic began to work magic  on these tired bones, I am not sure I remember what happened because I dozed off in no time, I wanted to live in that room forever! It was probably the best massage I ever had. I was offered a  cup of herbal tea or coffee but I turned it down because I didnt want to “stain” my freshly cleaned insides. 🙂

It was worth every kobo and minute I spent in there. I would definitely be back here.



Polite staff  who knew their job well

Great ambience

Delivering good customer service seemed important to them


It was quite pricey .







5 thoughts on “COLON HYDROTHERAPY SESSION AT BNATURAL MEDSPA( Readers discretion advised)

  1. Wow!! I’ve always wanted to do one, glad they’ve got it at BNatural, because their hammam is quite good too. Do they have the oil enemas? Have you noticed any changes on your skin?

    • It was worth every dime, Well I have not noticed any changes…..yet. I have had just 1 session, I’d assume that you would have to do several sessions to get results. I am not sure they have oil enemas.

  2. Love this spa as well and haven’t had the guts to
    Have the same colon treatment or flush
    But I know about it and once u r in,u forget about
    Lagos drama or wahala.which is what a spa should
    Feel like.luv it!

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