Tuesday, 8.45pm,

Hello My luvlies,

So it was my birthday recently and I got a treat from my favorite foodie mate. We decided to try somewhere we had not eaten before, after about 20 mins minutes ride around GRA Ikeja, we decided on Rodizzio Restaurant & Bar.

The first thing  I observed when we entered was the strong smell of stale cigarette, that was a major turn off for me , I wasn’t sure it was the kinda place I wanted to be, I  was told there was a bar on the top floor, but I took my seat nonetheless. I was handed my menu and It was a tid bit confusing initially.I read the house rules on the menu and that got me laughing, I soon forgot about the smell. The waiter then explained how the menu worked,the concept reminded of a restaurant I had been in the States.(Fogo de Chao).We were given our table tag-with  red & black sides

We started by turning the  tag to the black side,indicating that we were ready to start off the feast, The Monday soup menu was quite interesting, we settled for the corn soup and bread rolls. it was promptly served. Very nice thick and rich soup with warm bread rolls. I quite enjoyed it. And the feast started!!! I was wildly thrown into the carnivores’ world!!!! If you love meat  then this might be your paradise on earth. I started off  with some basmati rice, noodles,salad and gizzard sauce.The gizzard sauce was so nice that I almost went for a second helping, it was too good to be true and that was just the beginning, and the meats started flowing, I was so surprised at the wide variety I was almost at a point of confusion, I was very quick to flip my table tag to the red side indicating that I didn’t want anymore.I had several pieces of excellently marinated and grilled steak, chicken wrapped in ham ,beef ,chicken wings, lamb,gizzard and sausages, and they had a whole lot more. I took my time savouring  pieces of the variety I had picked, I was in a foodie’s heaven. 

I soon flipped the tag back to the black  side  and this time it was a barrage of sea food!!! What?!! To think I drive past this restaurant at least once a week  and I didn’t know there was such joy in here. I had calamari, DELICIOUSLY grilled prawns, fish, shrimps and mussels. The up side of this for me was that it was all grilled, deliciously so. I didn’t have to bother about how much unhealthy stuff i was eating.I didn’t have the patience to flip the card back to red, I practically shooed the waiter off. There was way too much  to eat. And it was all so delicious

I knew I had overdone this time ,because after eating so much , my plate still had a healthy portion left, the waiter offered to pack it up for me to take home. I am not sure how I am supposed to have space  to eat desserts  after stuffing on so much meat and seafood. I graciously declined the offer.

Would I go back there? Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!



Quality of food-9

Customer Service-8

Value for Money-9




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