Monday, 5.15pm

Hey Hey

There has been sooo much buzz about the ocean basket restaurant  in Lagos, that I  had been planning to visit for sometime but I  just never got round to it. A perfect opportunity presented itself recently. It was my dear friend’s birthday and I was invited to have lunch with a couple of other friends, there could not have been a  better time than a Sunday afternoon. As with most restaurants in Lagos, we did not need to have table reservation but knowing there would be about 12 of us,we had to request for a table large enough to accommodate us, the manager was quite nice about it and fixed us up real quick.The restaurant was packed to the rafters. At this point, I must say that for a  fish and seafood place, it did not smell fishy at all, I was pleasantly surprised. Seated,we decided to wait for everyone to come before placing our orders. After our orders  of several  full deck platters and wine were taken, we were served sliced baguettes with butter,some sort of  jalapeno sauce and creamy sauce. We went through the bread rounds

rather quickly, the food seemed to be taking longer than we were told, the waiter brought two more rounds of bread and sauces, and it went down just as fast as the others  did. At this point everyone had got really tired of the bread!!!!After what seemed like eternity! the food came, I assumed I had stuffed up on enough bread to be bothered about the real food. Little did I know, I ate a piece of the calamari and I could not stop eating, It was well worth the wait. The seafood was nicely seasoned and served. In my opinion it was quite different from the regular stuff we get served in Lagos. The wine could not have  tasted better with this meal. One thing I was  however not impressed with, was the portions, considering the fact that it was the  full deck platter we ordered.  it did not seem like a lot for 4 grown up to eat. We swiftly moved on to desserts,the dessert menu was not  that extensive but We decided  to have some anyway, I ordered the mud pie served with ice cream and my friend ordered Cheesecake. When it came I really wish i had not ordered it because it put a damper on all the nice things I had eaten. The cheesecake was stale! …yes stale , it tasted like it had been the freezer for too long( it tasted of freezer if you know what i mean), the mud pie was not much better.we brought the attention of the waiter to it , he apologized and  took the plate away. He promptly came back with the manager who also apologized and  offered us ice cream for free, even though I did not like the fact that the ice cream( and other desserts) was just slapped on the plate in a semi liquid form, it was a good gesture that the manager actually paid attention to what was going on with us.

So would I go back there? Yes.


Layout/Ambience /Aesthetics-7

Quality of food-7

Customer Service-8

Value for Money-7



  1. The food is good but service is zero, they keep you waiting for ages before you are actually served, also the last time I went there, my friend and I were not allowed in the sitting area upstairs because it was ‘reserved’ Where in the world do people reserve tables at restaurants like ocean basket? Only in Naija!!!! I give them 5/10 and that’s only because the food tastes good.

  2. Would love to try it out.
    I have a hangout with friends,about 20 of us. Do you think its a wise choice of venue? Then how much is the full deck platter please?

    • Dear Tayo,
      it depends on what you and your friends like to eat or if you are willing to try something different. I love seafood so I enjoyed the platter. I would say, give it a go. As for the price, I would say you wont break the bank. Its pretty reasonable..but then reasonable is relative. Please let me know of your experience if you decide to go. Happy Holidays

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