Sunday 9.00PM

Hello Folks

My best part of the year is fast approaching, it comes with the parties and great food and just generally being jolly! …..and the  presents too..excited much!!!!

Well, we will keep marching  on with our quest for a perfect dinning out experience. I have lost count on how many times I have been to Cactus Restaurant , It would be unfair  to do to this review and and not add Cactus to the list. So the girls and I hooked up for our regular meets  and we decided on Cactus because the initial place we wanted to meet grandly told us they were working half day…..on a Saturday.

One major thing I find quite appealing about Cactus Restaurant is the non-smoking room, that  is a huge luxury in Lagos. We did not need to make a reservation . We were greeted by a nice waiter who gave us the option to choose our seat probably  because there were 6 of us or because the non- smoking lounge was not occupied . So we settled in and the menus were handed out,the critic in me came to the fore, The menu card was not decent at all. it was in pieces and just folded in, I was a bit disappointed that the ripped ones were still handed out to the customers…. moving on, we took forever to decide on our meal ,and the waiter did not seem to mind she excused herself and came back after 15 mins, she took the order and said the meals would be ready in fifteen minutes,  while we waited for the meal, we were served peanuts and our ordered drinks were brought almost immediately. well the meal did come after fifteen minutes……correctly too. No mix up with the orders.

Anyone that frequents Cactus can attest to their portions. I am not sure I  have ever been able to finish a meal there. I ordered the festival  salad, I’m am not one of those chics that drools  over salad, but I could actually eat this everyday…yes I know it is gbese  or you would say….jut make it at home by yourself but there is just something  about their salads here that makes me want it everyday. Among my favourites any day is the Avocado and Prawn salad…It is absolutely divine. I am drooling as I am writing this. The salads  are large and well garnished, large enough for 2 people to eat as a meal.Festival Salad

My friends had the baguette sandwich, the club sandwich and the cheese burger, no one had any complaints  about their meal except the diva who said  she should have been given several choices of salad dressings rather than the thousand island dressing that was served with all the salads, the sandwiches and fries were of generous proportions  and they came side salad.  IMG-20121124-00283 I have asked quite a number of people what they thought about the pricing at the restaurant, its quite sharply divided, I personally think it is reasonable but then …..reasonable is relative.  I went on my regular “fault finding” mission but I could not quite pick out anything unpleasant save for the menu card. I am not sure I heard any of the divas mention desserts  maybe  we had all had more than enough to eat or because we were planning to go to one of the new ice cream  stores in town( which we ended up not doing by the way…arrggghhh)Cheeseburger

Dinning out in Lagos with kids is not quite a nice experience, I was pleasantly surprised to see  that Cactus Restaurant, actually had toddler seats.

One thing  I would like to see is a service manager who will go around when meal are served  to be sure it is fine with clients. Would that be asking for too much?

Would I go back there? Yes ! Yes!! Yes!!!


Layout/Ambience/Aesthethics -7

Quality of  Food-9

Customer Service-7

Value for Money-8


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