Friday, 6.32pm

First review of the year! yaaaay! Happy new year to you and yours.

So I decided to treat myself to a spa treatment, this time in the scenic town of Abuja; I had done this treatment several times and I personally think it is responsible for my glow…yeah, allow me blow my own trumpet just a teeny weeny bit. My first experience doing the Hammam bath was at MB Hammam spa, so  naturally I decided to go back there to do this  review.

I called to book an appointment  and I settled for the  Soukhla Hammam  bath, i chose this because I had done the traditional hammam several times and I was advised to do it as it was a more intense  bath. On the day of my appointment I tried to change my appointment time , I called but no one answered the phone, I was later told that it was because they opened at noon on Sundays.  Unfortunately for me, I could not change the appointment because they had scheduled other clients. To go or cancel? That is definitely a rhetoric. I had  really been looking forward to it.I had earned the treat.

The Spa is Arabian themed and it followed the details through, I was shown the changing room which held a bathrobe and a pair of wooden massage slippers. After I changed, I was taken down to the steam room where I was slathered in some herbal concoction, and left  in the steam room with room temperature drinking water for about 35 minutes. I  do not know about you  beautiful ones, but every steam session for me, is  usually a time of reflection  because you are absolutely left  to your own devices, no music, no book, no light,  just you in all your glory by yourself. Scary right? yeah……

After the steam session, I was taken to the “scrubbing room” which comprised of  a cubicle  that held a slab ( the slab always reminds of CSI….go figure) and some of their scrubbing gadgets. In here, the herbal concoction is washed off and I was laid on the slab and my body is exfoliated with a special kind of sponge, the first time I did the hammam bath i was gobsmacked at the amount of dead cells that was exfoliated from my skin! It was absolutely yucky! To think that I  claim that I scrub my body daily… well, the soukla wasn’t any different, the dead cells were still unbelievable, I had 2 different kinds of exfoliation done after which I was rinsed and polished, i was doused in rose water and escorted to the relaxation room!

The relaxation room, another pretty arabian themed room consists of large massage chairs  with leg rest and low light, its basically a “chill room” where you relax after the rigours of the scrub, (no pains no gains right?)it was not painful …a little uncomfortable here and there. In here, I was served green tea with crackers and I could stay for as long as i wanted. I actually fell asleep in here. I just didn’t want to leave.

For me, for every single time I did a hammam bath, I felt like a million dollars afterwards….I just cannot put  it into words.Its totally fabulous

There were however some things that did not go down well with me;

a. I do not remember at any point in time if anyone there explained what to expect to me. I have been there at least 6 times

b. Whilst the exfoliation was going on , the person scrubbing did not ask If I was uncomfortable with scrubbing or touching me in certain places (touching certain places is hard limit for some ladies). Its a ‘women only spa’ but i still felt it would have been appropriate to ask…most of the people that do the exfoliation are non english speaking though , so I don’t know how this would  have happened

c. Personally, I did not feel that warmth from the staff there, they were not rude or anything but some thing was just amiss.

Would I go back there? Definitely!!




Great ambience

They were very thorough with the hammam bath.


The staff were not  very warm

The treatment was pricey.( I try not to dabble into pricing on this site but I consider this particular treatment very pricey but it is well worth it…..)


So over to you!!,what saith thou?




2 thoughts on “MB HAMMAM SPA, ABUJA

  1. Your analysis is pretty much spot on. The exfoliation is thorough and leaves you feeling deliciously light. I don’t mind the steam room so much as I try to schedule appointments with a friend so we get to chat a bit in there. However, I’ve asked what herbs are actually used, to which I got the rather airy and vague response that they use “Moroccan” herbs ( surely that should suffice, the knowledge that they use “exotic” stuff). This is important because the only time I did the Souhkla my eyes were red for that evening and throughout the next day (though I did a facial as well, so it may have been that). So I tend to stick to the traditional Hamman now (it’s also slightly cheaper :)).

    Been going there for about 2 years now and I can say that their staff turnover is high and the manager (owner?) is quite unfriendly. Perhaps that explains some of the staff apathy. The treatments are great but soooo expensive so I tend to do this as a treat rather than as part of a beauty routine. The environment itself is cosy and you don’t have anxious attendants at every corner which is nice. All in all I quite like it.

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