Thursday 12.09p.m

Hello  foodies,

We stride on with our quest for a perfect meal. There has been so much buzz about this oriental  restaurant that I deemed it worthy to make this list. It was my other half’s birthday and we decided to go somewhere we had not been before, we decided on Pattaya Oriental. I was quite happy it was not overly packed because it gave me an opportunity to survey properly, (the owner will probably curse me for this). hahaha.  The waiter gave us the option to chose our seats and we opted for window seats in a quiet corner. Unfortunately  for us, this was to be a blunder. For a place with so much hype, this part of the room was TACKY! It was a major eyesore. The problem here was that this side of the dinning room was covered in wall paper, the wall paper had peeled off and it had some sort mold growing on it. How the management could have missed this beats me to cloud 100.  They also had some dead plants in broken flower pots which had obviously been neglected. It was so repulsive we had to move to another table in a different part of the restaurant .The  unbelievable part of this was that the waiter did not understand why we  needed to change tables even after we showed him the mold.  I sure hope this waiter did not clean the back of his throat in my food or drink because i was being a “troublesome customer”……….best left imagined  or  maybe not.peu_20130223_1

The sitting area we moved to was much better.The waiter then came with the menu and some not so nice looking tortilla chips/ nachos look alike chips with sweet and sour dip. I asked him for the name but he did not know ……so me too i dont know oh, i decided to name it what I thought it was- Nachos!.We placed our order for our meals. Ermm, call me Miss fault finder but  the menu  was not easy on  the eye either, the pages inside were coming off already isoorraaai. I’m here already, i’ll make the best out of it.IMG-20130210-00152

Whilst waiting for our drinks to come, I took a piece of the nachos and my oh my!! it was DELICIOUS. the sweet and sour dip was great, the combination was fabulous.(All these adjectives to describe nachos? okido. Hmnn, it seemed things were taking a different  turn. We wolfed it down in no time and almost pulled an  oliver twist move but then I remembered  that we might not be in their good books because we asked to change tables ……you never know these days. On to the main meal, At this point I’m salivating and looking forward to the main meal, was this the work of the tortilla chips? Oh dear, this chic is about to get hooked. does anyone know the nutritional value and calories contained in these chips?Help a sister out please.I’m not a fan of ordering fish in restaurants because  I don’t know how thorough a job they do with the cleaning. Well Mr other half decided he wanted to do fish  so we ordered it with some noodles and  house special fried rice. when the food  came, it looked nice, one bite from the fish andI loved it, it was just to my liking…not too spicy. (even though when we ordered the fish no one asked how spicy we wanted  it to be). I quite liked the fried rice, I did not fancy the noodles because it was too oily for me, perhaps it was meant to be that way, but in fairness, all three of them combined together was quite nice.IMG-20130210-00161IMG-20130210-00162

After the plates were cleared, another waiter brought us carved pineapple, I was taken a little bit aback because we did not ask for it, he then told us it was on the house, it was  free! but then its Lagos too, the land where free is mostly evil. It was a great way to finish off a slightly spicy meal.


Overall the food  put together was quite nice.The portions were not particularly generous.

If any of you lovely people here know the people in charge, please advise them that they URGENTLY need to pay more attention to the  dinning rooms.And the waiters also need to be more in tune with the diners request(s). Did I have  an issue with pricing?  somewhat because the portion were not great. but as I always say expensive /cheap is relative……na pocket size na  im go determine. Would I go back  there? ……..Possibly



Layout/Ambience/ Aesthetics-4  ( I know I am being stingy here but the wall paper, dead plant and broken pot in a dinning room were an absolute no no)

Quality of food-8

Customer Service-5

Value for money-7



  1. Your observations are very correct. I was waiting for you to complain about the food but I am glad you did not because when I was there last it was absolutely delicious. You are lucky you didn’t go to the patched up toilets. A little marble and wood…not sure how that was meant to work. But their food is on point. I think they give free fruits because we had nicely shaped apples when I was there. In all the ambiance needs to be worked on.

    • Hey,
      I’m glad I did not go too! I can only imagine.Their food is nice and well presented too,The free fruit is a nice gesture even though its probably being added to the bill somehow, everyone like a freebie or two. I couldn’t agree more with the ambiance issue.

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