SPA LAVENDER, Okunola Aina street, Mende Maryland.

Wednesday 9. 46 pm,

Hey People,

How have you all been? I know you would automatically say good, I definitely can’t say the same.It has been scorching hot in Las Gidis! I feel so fatigued….. maybe like a truck ran over me( I am not sure I know exactly what that feels like) This girl deserves a treat. I knew just where to go.

I had been itching to visit spa lavender for a while but this town has a way of changing plans. The first time I passed Spa Lavender  I went to visit a friend and on my way back, I decided to stop by and see what it was all about. It looked quite nice from the outside. I quite liked what I saw so I decided to go back there. What struck me the first time I went there to check it out were the prices. It was way too pricey for me.Well its a treat, isnt it?

Well, your girl was in luck, they had reviewed their prices and they had more pocket friendly prices & packages…at least to me. I settled for a package that included massage, steam bath, full body scrub and full body massage, I was quite expectant.

For easier reading, I will  write about the treatments separately.

The Facial : This was the first part of the treatment, it was done by a pleasant Indian lady, there was something about this facial that did not sit quite right with me.Initially, I could not quite place it.  The lady was not quite as thorough as I was used to. I practically slept through her removal of black heads,that has never happened before, I cringe when my face is being treated on a normal day. On hindsight, i figured that she did not apply quite the  pressure  I was used to.My face felt quite nice after I had the facial though.For someone who works ” quite closely” to people’s noses, she smelled of a certain spice…….( no pun intended)

The Steam and body scrub: This was a totally new experience, I was used to the regular steam rooms,  but this was different, an apt description of this steam process would be steaming your body in  a wooden steam cubicle whilst sitting  on a small stool  with your head sticking out.I was told they were commonly used in southern Asia.  I had to sit in the cubicle for 25 mins, I was itching to get out of it. If you are claustrophobic,I am not sure its a good idea. I happily got out when it was over.

The full body scrub : I absolutely LOVED this, Immediately after the steam, I laid on a slab for the scrubbers .I was jolted from my day dreaming when I felt something very cold on my legs…ice!!!, the contrast of the ice on my skin and the warmth from the steam cubicle was fabulous albeit startling initially. I was not given the option to choose, but I was given the herbal papaya scrub…it smelled great. There were 2 people scrubbing  and rubbing ice simultaneously and they both seemed to be following  the same routine , they preened, scrubbed and polished  till they had covered  almost every inch of my body. I did not want it to end. I washed off  the scrub and I was ushered into the massage room.

The massage: This was the most anticipated part of this treat for me, my tired and creaky bones needed to be set right. The massage was done in an oriental themed room with all the trappings of a massage room. The masseuse – another Asian lady (she had super soft hands) she made sure I was comfortable and she began to work wonders with her fingers, it is unbelievable  what skilled hands can do to tired bones. I wish I could steal this woman to my house and have her at my beck and call. I did not want the process to end.

At  this point, may I add that this awesome experience was almost ruined by noise, for a  place that nicely tells you to  turn off your phone or put it on silent when you are going to the treatment rooms, I was quite disappointed that some member of staff decided to turn up the volume of whatever music was being played. Also, I could hear all the noise from the reception area, it was so loud that the masseuse had to go to the receptionist to complain.

Would I go back there?…. probably especially because of the body scrub




They were thorough with the treatment especially the body scrub.

It was value for money(I do not like to discuss prices, I will make this exception, I paid N20,000 for all the treatments ( the facial, the steam and body scrub & massage).

The staff  were nice .


I was not advised on what the treatment entailed.

That amount of noise experienced at the spa is an absolute no no. It just takes away from the ambience of the place.

So its been done. Has anyone been to spa lavender? I will like to hear your views.





6 thoughts on “SPA LAVENDER, Okunola Aina street, Mende Maryland.

  1. Been there once with my friend. She suggested we go there cos its close to her house. To be honest they aren’t really my cup of tea cos for me the ambience in a spa really matters and like you said, they were quite noisy. Also for some reason, the staff on duty the day we went weren’t really friendly. The masseuse was quite good though. But hey I liked their price so all in all I’ll give them a 6/10

  2. Hey,a friend of mine is looking for a venue for his bachelor’s party.Is Spa a good environment to host such a party?

  3. I went there for facials and Brazilian wax and under arm, the facials was done well but the waxing i got burnt wasn’t too impressed, I think facials the most I can do at this Spa the ambience is not so welcoming quite noisy

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