Tuesday, 1.30p.m

Hey Lovely people.

I am rather looking forward to rounding  up on this quest for a perfect meal . I have something exciting brewing…..I’m buzzing. Recently I reconnected with my beautiful  friend  whom  I had not seen in such a longggggg time. We decided to have lunch in a serene place  where we could catch up on our lives and we  wont have waiters almost  shooing us off. We decided on Talindo Steak House on Karimu Kotun on Victoria Island.

Talindo is probably Victoria Island’s best kept secret, there is no sign post outside and  no form of advert to denote that it is a restaurant. It simply had No 7B gate tag on it.It did not have the fuss of the regular Lagos fancy restaurant, It was very neat and spacious . They also had a bar at the extreme. The first thing I noticed here was the number of expatriate  diners.. I had to wait a couple  minutes for Miss beautiful to make her grand  entrance( a much awaited one) I was close to tears when  she strutted in, oh how I have missed my Fola:).. I digress.

At this point, the chic in me was disappearing and  Miss  grubbido was rearing her somewhat  horrid head, we were handed our menu and I was impressed! Something tells me the person that came up with this menu was European, the menu was a fusion of  French and Italian dishes. It sounded nice….the taste of the pudding is in the eating yeah? And as if on cue, we both realized we did not have cash, we were both hoping to pay with our cards……we asked the waiter who was assigned to us and he was not sure if it was working, it took all of twenty minutes to realize it was not working…20 minutes because they took the POS machine to different spots to try to get it to work but it did not,(cashless Lagos my fat behind). We had to leave to find the nearest ATM to draw cash.

We returned to the restaurant and placed our order for our meals, I  did not order any drink because I realized that  of late  I’d been indulging a bit too much and considering my recent  encounter with restaurant cocktails I decided to steer clear and have water . Its never a good idea in my opinion to do pasta and water. have some red wine.( the indulgent ones here will definitely agree with me) Whilst we waited ,we were served a piece of bread roll each, and to my “wonderment” the menu stated that they would charge N100 extra for extra bread roll!!( You don’t believe me?  See affixed photo) this was by no means a fast food place, it was a proper restaurant! Kai, dem fall my hand. I  was going to ask the manager about paying for extra bread  policy but I decided to hold my peace. It is just bread fa!The Menu

I am not sure it took that long but probably because I was sooo hungry, it felt like forever. Our food finally came, I ordered   the  chicken alla parmigiana served with mashed potatoes and my friend ordered spaghetti alla  cabonara,we decided to split both meals and we started with the spaghetti alla cabonara  it was almost perfect.  It was cooked al dente with lots of bacon and  it was quite creamy. I had a problem with the presentation though , it was served  plain on the plate no garnishing of any sort. I would have liked some fresh finely cut parsley ….you know just to add some color to it.I ended up with adding freshly ground black pepper.Lagos-20130413-01510

We cleaned out the first plate and moved on to the chicken alla parmigiana, I must say that this was quite a generous portion. It was  2 large chunks of chicken breast fillet, breaded and baked in cheese and tomato sauce , it was garnished with fried seaweed and slices of bell peppers. It was nice , the chicken was well seasoned. The mashed potatoes on the other hand was such a disappointment. It was rather lumpy and bland…..it lacked that rich smoothness that I knew it to be, perhaps I was expecting  too much from there but hey its supposed to be a top notch restaurant. We could not have desserts because my friend had to rush off to meet up with someone. I am not sure I would have been able to eat much of it anywaypollo alla parmigiana

I must commend the waiters, they were courteous and the manager actually came round to ask how we liked our meal. I was quite impressed with their customer service. We called for the bill and it was promptly delivered, well Mr waiter that brought the bill did NOT return my change ….generally assuming that it was a tip( I would never understand why they do that)

To the pricing, I do not like to talk about prices of meals at restaurants simply because I am of the opinion that  expensive or cheap is relative. However several people have requested for at least a price bracket. We spent less than N15,000($95) but more than N10,000            ( about $65)between us but remember we drank only water . would you say that is expensive or cheap? Over to you ….

Would I go back there? Most likely.

P.S: Be sure to visit the grill bar upstairs, I hear it is quite nice but I did not get to there because we had to rush off.


Layout/Ambiance/Aesthetics- 8

Quality of Food-7

Customer Service-9

Value for Money- 8

Have you dined there? I would like to hear you view…



  1. I would say $95 is very expensive for two plates of food without wine and remember the bread was charged separately. But if you enjoyed the night then no problem sometimes dinners are expensive because of the ambience! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Pleasant week to you!!!

    • Hey Liz,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Dinning out here( Lagos) is over priced in my opinion + you sometimes get nasty services from these places. How do you explain having to pay seperately for extra bread rolls?…this was a proper restaurant! I had a good time but the bill was not commensurate to the value & quality of the meals.
      Looking forward to your next post. Have fun.

  2. I eat there all the time and know for a fact that you get a fresh batch of bread rolls on the house. It is the extra bread that is charged. Next time go for the jack daniels steak and spaghetti Rimini, those are my favourites and are sure to make you a fan for life! 😉

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