The Voyage Restaurant (Radisson Blu)

Monday, 8.45pm

Hello Lieblings,

It was date night and  I was looking forward to a romantic dinner at the Voyage Restaurant.

The Voyage Restaurant is housed  at Radission  Blu  Hotel- one of the most picturesque and  exclusive parts of Victoria Island.  It is a cross between a  fine dining  and  casual restaurant. The indoor dinning room is semi  informal  with  plush leather chairs and long sofas  with well laid out tables of nicely polished crockery. The walls are a statement on their  own with beautiful African arts neatly arranged on the  brightly painted walls. The  second section  overlooking the Lagos  Lagoon, is semi alfresco. It would be a lovely place for a romantic date…….which was why I went there in the first place. The lighting here was perfect, just enough to see what is going on but not overpowering to kill the romantic set up.  There was a nice  live band playing  soulful ballads . The restaurant  features both buffet  and a la carte menus.  The waiters were smartly dressed and  were quite eager to get us to our table.

radisson 12

We  were  handed  the drinks and food menu, there was however  some issue about not being able to order a la carte. So buffet it was then!! …..chop till you quench mode activated. I decided to sample  bits and pieces of different dishes so  we started with the soups. There were two of them, the French onion soup and chicken pepper soup; i opted for the chicken pepper soup with  bread roll. They had about 5 types of bread in the bread bin.  The bread roll was soft and fresh but the broth of the soup did not seem well seasoned, and the chicken seemed less than tender.

radisson 3 radisson 4

We moved to the salad bar, the salads were well laid out with about six or seven different salads. I  had the Hawaiian salad , Tuna salad, Mediterranean  salad and the seafood salad …..before you label me a gulu that I actually am, it was just bits of each kind.  I decided not to use any salad  dressing because I needed to taste the salads on their  own. My best of the lot was the tuna  salad. It was not the typical tuna salad on a bed of lettuce , it was a mix of lettuce, penne pasta,  chunky tuna fish , cherry tomatoes all tossed in mayonnaise. It was  well put  together and fresh too. The Mediterranean salad  was also nice with calamari, shrimps cucumber ,lettuce and  onions  tossed in olive oil.

radisson 9radissonThings took a nose dive from here. I am not sure I have had a worse dining experience. We proceeded  to the entrees I cannot explain why  anyone would try about 4 different dishes  and not have anything good to say about a single one. I would start with  the choice of  dishes. I would expect the meal planner to at least vary the cooking techniques of each dish.  i. e  braise , poach etc. On display they had grilled fish, grilled beef fillet, grilled chicken breast ,and  roast  leg of lamb. As a diner, my conclusion on this was  that  the chef did not go out of his way to wow the patrons.  What I did was to get 4 mini entrees  with one side dish, my side dish was the coconut rice,  They had several others:   pasta gratin, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables… to mention a few that had name tags.The first entree was roast leg of lamb, to me  this was charred lamb served  with onions and vegetables, it tasted burnt with a bitter after taste..suffice to say it was inedible! I tried the coconut rice next, it was alright but I was not wowed, it was cold….something was missing from it. I am yet to place it.

radisson 10

radisson 8At this point, I was not sure it  was worth going on with the meal but then I knew I had to do this review. I had some of the grilled fish  with lemon wedges and some sort of sauce,( i didnt know the name, neither did the waiter) it was nicely seasoned and cooked, a little dry for me but it was better than anything I had eaten  so far. The other entrees ( the grilled  chicken and the beef fillet)were just like the first, bland , making matters worse was the fact that the  grilled beef fillet was off, I remember this having a bitter after taste as well. The chicken  tasted rubbery and the tomato sauce that came with it was just as bad as the chicken itself…….ditched too!  After this I was not willing to anymore meals, review or no review…. So much for a romantic dinner.  The romance had been ditched just like the food.

I thought there might be some hope with the desserts , so  off I went to the display section again.  There were quite a number of desserts there, they had white forest  gateau, dark chocolate cake, exotic fruit ( i didnt see what was exotic about this), creamy biscuit pudding to mention a few that were worth looking at.. The best definition for this desserts would  be“ epic fail”. As a budding pastry chef,  I quite knew what to expect here, i took two pieces of desserts so did Mr U so that we would have enough to assess. I started with the white forest gateau, as one of my favourite desserts, i was hoping for a melt in your mouth experience, it failed to impress, the gateau tasted like it had been made days before, the whipped cream …(if you can call it that )  that was used to sandwich the genoise cake was either not properly whipped  or  it was not properly stored so it had wilted in the genoise  making it mushy. One bite and this was ditched too!!! I was looking for something that will erase the memory of the other meals but no joy. I tried the dark chocolate cake, and it was no chocolate cake by any means, it was a dense clump  mixed with crazy amount of cocoa powder giving it a very bitter after taste.

radisson 5

radisson 2radisson 7Next in line was the fruit cocktail, oh gosh! Even mini me would do better with this, what would it cost to remove seeds and nicely dice fruits? We had lots of seeds in the water melon and the other fruits too were too chunky for my liking. I forced myself to try the  last dessert, even the presentation was horrid, the last was the creamy biscuit pudding. This was  richly cooked tapioca with coconut cream and a tinge of  spice….  (cloves and cinnamon) served with a cookie and chocolate syrup, for me this was the best tasting thing i had here  plus it was fresh too. It was delicious. (  even though it was slapped down in an old fashioned glass), if i was serving this, i would have served it in a coupette  or  parfait glass, that would definitely  give it the wow factor….

One of the waiters on duty asked why I barely touched my meal, I told him  I did not enjoy it, I would have expected that he would have gone to his supervisor to express what I had just told him.  If he did, no one came to address my issues .

The buffet was priced at N7100 ($45) per person.

To say this restaurant killed my evening would be putting it mildly. Would I go back there? …..As a paying customer…..NO


Layout / Ambience/ Aesthetics – 9

Quality of food-2

Customer Service-3

Value for money-3

So who has been there? I hope you had a better experience than we did.


1A, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue,

Victoria Island, Lagos.

Tel: +234 (0) 708 061 0000


13 thoughts on “The Voyage Restaurant (Radisson Blu)

  1. Hmmmm….. Its like a pretty woman with no values. I will ask for a refund once its confirmed that the food is crap

  2. My personal buffet experience at Radisson Blu was at best, forgettable. Compared to hotels in their range like Federal Palace, Southern Sun and Eko Hotel, they are quite limited in what they offer and they are not any cheaper. I’m not sure I’d consider going there as a paying customer anytime soon.

  3. What a terrible dinner experience and how can the waiter not know the name of the sauce, sounds ridiculous. I love reviews, they are a good way of judging where to go. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the stop-over. Pleasant week to you.

    • Liz,Thank you for stopping by. I am not sure the waiters knew the names of half the dishes on offer that night .Bad food, even worse customer service- worst combination ever! See you back here soon? Cheers.

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  5. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep
    it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later.
    Many thanks

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