Hello  my darlings

After much consideration from those who  have asked nicely, threatened,  cajoled and begged….yes begged  to do a review with me.. I  finally decided to give one of  you lovely people the opportunity to do a restaurant review with me..Its pretty easy to win the slot, just bring your beautiful self and all else will be taken care of.

To qualify, simply tell me why I need to choose YOU.( In the comments box below  ONLY)

Review date:  13th July  2013.

Restaurant :  Restaurant X,  Ikoyi ( You  will be duly notified if selected)

Entries  will close by  11.59 p.m, 8th  July, 2013.

The winner will be announced  on the 9th July, 2013.

Please follow @pejuu on twitter &   pejuu on google+ for regular updates.

Please note :

* that if you are selected, you will need to follow some review ethics.

* that this sweepstake can not be monetized.

* You must be at least 18 years old.

Who is up for a good time?



  1. You need to pick me because I’m basically all you got :p

    You need my discerning taste buds and honest reviews. I’m also a fabulous entertainer and great people. All in all…you need me mama. So pick me 😀

  2. This is me not entering for the free lunch…

    I came across this blog (today actually) quite RANDOMLY as I searched for reviews on a restaurant I would like to visit tomorrow. And I have read every single post!! Started from the top down. Very interesting and funny read. Most of all, very well informed reviews (I know what to order now!), and I love the fact you are not restricted to one area of Lagos (some of us do bridges!)

    I shall become a stalker of this blog most definitely!

    Do keep up eating out!

    • Hello Jay,
      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad the blog helped you to choose your restaurant, thats the purpose of the blog. Yup, I love the fact that you plan to be a stalker….. stalk on please, why dont you sign up for the mailing list, that way, you get instant update of posts on the blog. Please share your dinning experiences with us when you visit any of the restaurants we have reviewed. Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. I will like 2 b choosed cos am a fun lovin person I luv goin out seein new thins nd learnin more,@d sametime easy goin nd reserved.above all I can b of assistance wthout u regretin it.I will b so honoured 2 b d winner.thks

  4. You MUST choose me because:
    1) I am foodie just like you
    2) I like to eat out (another thing we have in common)
    3) I am your best friend and you not choosing me means our friendship will be severed.

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  7. Thought Long and hard about a witty answer to stand out, but I couldn’t come up with any. So I’d just state that I appreciate Fine dining, Quite Critical about eating out, ambiance and those little details so often missed. Like serving a cold salad on a warm dinner plate, or suggesting a fruity cocktail rather than red wine when ordering a red meat stake or Game-y Meat. Plus I’d love to win something for once… 🙂

  8. Hi Peju,

    I came across your tweet about the sweepstake and promptly retweeted without bothering to read – I’ve got a lot of grobido friends. For some reason I decided to visit your blog and voila! Heaven on earth.

    Your description of each meal literarily made my mouth water and it dawned on me that if these reviews are anything to go by this offer cannot be passed hence I am so entering my comment for the sweepstake.

    More than the free food though I do appreciate a good conversation which I believe takes second place in fine dining. Hopefully I’ll get more pointers on where to go for great meals.


    • Hey Deyemi.
      Thank you for the retweet and your kind words. (make my head no swell too much). I am one of the grubbidos.hahaha……title well accepted.

      We’ll know soon enough. I really wish I could take everyone. Fingers crossed.

  9. Hmmmmm everyone here has spoken so well, I can’t seem to find a suitable reason why I have to be picked. But I do know that I love what you do and will love to be part of it. I am also a fan of eating out, cooking ain’t exactly my thing! So please choose me and let’s do this!!! Lots of love…. Nkechi

  10. Why should you pick me? Well 5 short and sweet answers.
    1. I have a talent for enjoying good food.
    2.My favorite tv program is master chef Australia.
    3. Am a serious fan of you work and have read all of your articles on this blog.
    4. I’d be fun and objective at dinner and 5. I take Awesome pics .

    Need I say more?

    Please pleaseeee pick me


  11. Hello people,

    So, I have thought long and hard about this and I REALLY wish I could go with you all but I don’t want to declare bankruptcy.

    The winner of this sweepstake is @_deyemi.

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