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Recently,  I read a column where the writer complained that all there was to do  for fun in Lagos were,  going out to eat ridiculously expensive food,  going to the movies and a third thing which I don’t readily remember but I know I agreed a 100%  with the article especially with the going out to eat  ridiculously expensive food bit.  Some of these restaurants just amaze me with their outrageous charges and we Lagosians in the name of bigz boys and girls  suck it up and continue to enrich restauraneurs who regularly  serve us substandard meals at outrageous prices.

I had reason to fly solo this week ( for those that don’t know what flying solo is..I dined out alone) and I realized how much I had missed  my own company, I find it quite therapeutic actually.  As always, I wanted  somewhere new.  I decided on Paris Deli on Akin Adesola  street, Victoria Island. I would describe  Paris Deli as a casual/bistro cafe . They deviate slightly from the cafe norm in that they serve not only the “brunchy” meals but they have the ” full works”  and lots of desserts as well. One thing the cafe is known for is the free wifi…in Lagos , that is a big plus if you ask me.

Miss P sat down to  late lunch; she waited, waited and waited for a waiter to make himself  available but no one showed up until I almost had  to go and get someone  to attend to me.  Ok oh…this is not very good for a first impression….I was particularly surprised because there were just a handful of people being served. Finally, someone noticed  and brought the menu. The menu was quite extensive  ,they had from Mexican  fajitas to chicken escalope to sandwiches to some Lebanese shish Tawouk and quite a number of seafood  meals too. I was quite impressed . I decided to go for a sandwich.

I requested the Philly steak cheese sandwich, this came with 2 sides- french fries and coleslaw.  I ordered a bottle of water with it.  I didn’t order any cocktails today oh! I am taking a break from that for a bit….8 out of ten times, I have been left wishing I never ordered them. If I want it bad enough, I will order from my good old reliable Saffron & Cinnamon…..simples!  My sandwich came after about 20 minutes, I guess it took that long because they had to sautee the steak or something…. well little did I know. Anyhoo!  My Philly steak cheese sandwich  came and  I was  very far from thrilled. Anyone that fancies  Philly steak cheese sandwich will know it to have LOTS of thinly sliced  juicy steak and cheese stuffing. Oh well, Paris Deli’s Philly steak cheese apparently isn’t that. The chef must have counted  the strips of “steak” in question here, there were about 10 thin strips in the sandwich, even the cheese portion was quite miserly as well.  This was by no mean a Philly steak cheese. It was more like ” risque burger” – bread and suya  combo which I would pay just about 10%  of what I paid here and it would be better value for money . I cant believe I paid N3,300 ( $22) for this.  The baguette for the sandwich was fresh but the fillings in it was too small to make any tangible impact.  The sides were nothing to write about , the coleslaw was rubbery and it was not fresh. I didn’t fancy the fries either because it tasted like it was previously fried and heated up in the microwave. Hmnnn. So what was the hype all about?

philly 1

They had a lot of nice looking  desserts on display so I decided to try one,  i went to the display and looked, i wanted to test the waiter’s knowledge on what he was serving but he apparently had no clue. I asked about several desserts but  he could not tell me anything…isorrai. The Baba -au-rhum and Cappuccino layer cake got me drooling. I was tempted to buy both but greed never helped anyone. I settled for the Cappuccino layer cake N900 ($6).  I absolutely loved it , it was all the fabulous  shades of awesome  genoise cake moistened with cappuccino , sandwiched with chocolate and  topped with a delicious frosting. The different textures of the layers made it even nicer.  It reminded me somewhat of Tiramisu

philly 2

I called for my bill and it was promptly brought. I brought out my card to pay and the waiter announced that they did not accept cards.” Why in the world not”?  I asked. This cashless Lagos biz is not werking…please scrap it already. Ngwanu, I started rolling my sleeves oh.It is time to start washing plates abi?  He then informed me that there was was a bank close by that he could follow me to get cash . In 2013?

Uhmmn, I hate to ruin all the good feelings that has come from reading  about the food  but I just have to mention this.  I had reason to go into the restroom and I was shocked. The bathroom was nasty , it looked like it had not been cleaned for a bit.  The floors were dirty, bins were overflowing with used tissues, floors were wet. I looked up  and there were cobwebs everywhere.  The worst part of all this for me was the musky smell. It seemed like the small window there was never used. I could not get over it….. I reached swiftly into my bag for my  sanitizer before i go go house with wetin no consign me. To restaurateurs  out there, the restrooms are a part of  your establishment, pay as much attention to it , as you would your dinning rooms.To this end. I have decided to include  restroom inspection in my weekly  reviews.

I paid about N4,600  for my meal….this brings me to a question. I would LOVE  answers please…. a.When is it OK  not to tip?  b.Why do you tip?

Would I go back there? Yes..especially for the desserts.


Layout / Ambience/ Aesthetics – 6

Quality of food-6

Customer Service-5

Value for money-5

Thank you for reading.


11B, Akin Adesola street,

Victoria Island


+234 803 855 5557.


4 thoughts on “PARIS DELI – THE REVIEW

  1. Have been. Might go back because of free wifi. The service is extremely poor and the staff rude with zero knowledge about what they are selling.

  2. I am not surprised they scored average, i would have scored them lower. Went there about 3 weeks ago with friends and one of my friends had to scream at the waiter before we were attended to. For me the desserts were nice but the meal wasn’t my cup of tea; maybe it was what i ordered sha. Eish to the smelly restroom.

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