Uptown Restaurant ( The Avenue Suites) -The Review

Monday 4.50 p.m

Hey My Lovlies,

My name is ‘Peju ……I am an addict…yes  a food addict. It has just sunk in. I have not gone out to eat  in like three weeks and it feels like forever.  I sincerely apologize to you all for being AWOL. I have been unbelievably busy with work. One piece of advice to all the  entrepreneurs  out here especially the artisans…know your business….know it well too. I have been itchingggg to go out to eat.

Someone needs to start paying for all these meals oh, my kolo is not jingling again….my list of places to review is getting longer by the day. It is getting quite confusing choosing too. A friend whose judgement I trust added Uptown Restaurant  to my list.

Uptown Restaurant is on the 6th floor of  the Avenue suites on  Victoria Island . It has a sweeping look over the the Atlantic ocean. The view is to die for. The first thought that came to mind when I saw the restaurant layout and view was that whoever did the layout and decor sure knew their marbles. It was beautifully done. The  well laid out tables, contemporary furnishing and light fittings  gave off  a grand layout. I loved the fact that they played with colours in there. 2 words aptly describes this setting…elegant and romantic. For my buddies looking for where to propose….In my best igbo accent ,  I say dis na d very place.

uptown 2


uptown7xWe were shown to our table overlooking the ocean…..there was just something about the ambiance of this whole setup that made me all mushy. When the waiter came with the menu I was somewhat disappointed with the quality… Laminated paper written in ink? naaa. Not for this kinda  place. Moving on, I am still not doing cocktails or wine these days. so we ordered a bottle of water. The waiter  brought us  popcorn and nuts  for our appetizer… that’s a first in a restaurant (the popcorn). I stilll love that combo…good ol’ guguru and epa. I had to make the perfect pairing with that…coca-cola! Have you had the combination before? ….yeah thank me later if you have not.


uptown4Back to  the menu, it was not very extensive ,they had sushi platters, pasta and pizza and some intercontinental dishes. we decided on a fusion of meals so that we  could assess extensively. we decided on Quattrocento pasta, the grilled salmon  with tatrtar sauce and for our appetizer, we had  steamed shrimp dumplings.


We started off with fresh baguettes  with olive spread and butter. Then came the piping hot  steamed shrimp dumpling(N2880-$17)  served with  soy sauce. It was served in the traditional steam basket and chopsticks. It was delicious. The dough was freshly rolled and soft. The portion was quite generous too, ( we had 6 pieces of dumpling) I would have liked it better if the filling was more.

I was not sure how much more I could eat after the appetizer. Remember that I had had popcorn, groundnuts, baguette rolls, and the dumplings. All that changed when the Quattrocento pasta(N4,320-$26) came. This was a fabulous idea in my books, The Quattrocento pasta was our choice of any four pasta dishes from their pasta menu (lasagna was not included) . We chose –The spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli, The Tagliatella Al Salmone, The Tagliatelle Alfredo and Penne Arrabiata. It was served with a mini bowl of cheese. Whoever  came up with this idea is a genius….talking about having the best of all worlds.

First up was the cheese and spinach  ravioli, this was pasta dough filled with spinach and cheese. ( I am not sure it  was ricotta cheese). It was served in a creamy sauce . I found the  filling to be  slightly saltier than necessary, the hub did not think so. It was nice nonetheless. We moved on to the tagliatelle al salmone and tagliatelle alfredo. I have paired this two together because they were quite similar. The tagliatelle was cooked to perfection in a white creamy sauce served with salmon, mushroom and peppercorns. It was garnished with an assortment of herbs. The next was the Penne Arabiata. I am not a fan of penne pasta but we ordered it for variety  sake. Did I fancy it? Not particularly, It was just alright. Two things worthy of note here. The presentation of each selection of pasta was quite appealing. secondly, the portion was generous.  My favourite here was the tagliatelle al salmone.  I would order it again and again.


a- Tagliaatelle Alfredo        b.-Tagliatelle al salmone      c- spinach & ricotta raviolli    d. -Penne arrabiatta.

The grilled salmon fillet came and I got the biggest surprise of the day, If I had to judge this dish based on presentation alone. I would score it a 10 out of 10.  Please permit me to say that I fell in love with this dish instantly. I looked for something to complain about , there was nada!  This dish comprised of perfectly marinated and grilled salmon fillet , laid out on a bed of vegetables served with tartar sauce. The chef  added a dainty touch to it with a wedge of lemon garnish tied up in mesh fabric. The guy sure knew his marbles. The mashed potatoes was creamy and fluffy.  For me this dish was an ace! The portion was generous too. We actually requested that  the remaining food be packed as take out as we had had more than enough to eat.


Talking about take out… kai, this people fall my hand o. They charged me for the take out pack. If it was a fast food place I went to, it would not be an issue. but for a proper restaurant to charge for take out pack? That to me , is taking a piss. In my opinion ,if you must charge for it, factor it into the cost of the meal . This should be a hidden cost ,

There was  no room for desserts. The menu did not look too interesting anyway. On our way out, we were given a feedback card to fill.

We paid N15, 100 ($93) for 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, I large bottle of water and 1 bottle of coke.

I did a check on the restroom and it was spotless.

Would I go back there?…Absolutement!


Layout/ Ambience  / Aesthetics- 9.5

Quality of food- 9

Value for money- 9

Customer Service – 8


6TH Floor,The Avenue suites

1390, Tiamiyu Savage street,

Victoria Island

Tel: +23419033300/08

Thank you for always reading


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