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Hello Everyone.

Recently I came  across an article posted on . It weighed the odds of tipping against service charge. Find the article here .  I am almost  sure these rules don’t apply to Lagos but it  kinda evoked a thought in me…to tip or not to tip? Has it occurred to you that in Lagos we pay premium for dining at casual restaurants, we pay service charge. consumption tax, VAT and then we are expected to tip again?…yet we get crappy service from some of these “restauraneurs“.  Please fill the poll link  attached to this post. It would be good to know your thoughts on this… Thank you in advance.

la cour 01la cour 02

Una see me see trouble? My phone finally packed up and “the new listsef don go with am! Now I am lost, please  help this grubbido here.  Send me places to review ( places I have not done yet please) .

Last weekend, we went to La Cour Restaurant for dinner . La Cour restaurant is part of La Cour Hotel ( I did not know it was a hotel initially). We were shown the restaurant by a sully looking receptionist.  Just after the entrance, there was a sign that read ” For hotel guests only” I was taken a little bit aback. I had to ask if it was alright to go in. If they were opened to the public, why was the notice there in the first place? The restaurant proper is rather small, it  probably sits about  thirty diners. I was drawn in by well laid out tables. There is  not much to say about the decor…..its just blah but the lighting  and soft lounge music playing in the background gave off a somewhat romantic ambience. I liked it.  I would like to categorize this as a romantic spot. I am of the opinion that the decor can be done better than it is presently.

la cour 07

We were handed the wine and cocktails lists.  I badly wanted a glass of wine but Mr U did not want , so I ordered a bottle of water. So thumbs down to Mr U for being a parry pooper this week. The wine list was not so extensive but I liked the fact that there were recommendations on which wine to pair with what dish. Did they have a sommelier in-house?  The menu was not vast, they had soups, salads, steak , chicken and seafood. pizza , pasta and an almost non-existent desserts list. I liked the fact that there were no fancy names . For our  appetizer,we  ordered the goddess salad with yogurt  dressing.  I can just imagine  the look on my mum’s face If I told her I went to a restaurant and I ordered  the goddess salad, LOL . Why  the name goddess salad though?

For the main entrée, we ordered the Chicken Pasta and The Seafood Platter.  For desserts, We requested the  Chocolate mousse. Whilst we waited, we were served peanuts and bread rolls with sesame seeds and butter.  What is it with Lagos restaurants and  almost stale microwaved bread? This is like the third time in a row!  As a paafun connossieur , I know  what I am talking about.  We sha ate it.. gulu –incorporated. ( covers face).  When  the goddess salad ( N 1200-$7) came , I did not see what was goddessy about it.  All  I saw was sliced  eggs and tomatoes….. till I dug in. The salad was fresh and crunchy but the sautéed shrimps and  croutons with the yogurt dressing were outstanding. I did not understand why it was served in this kind of  bowl though. It did not do much for presentation.

la cour 03

We waited for about twenty minutes for the entrees to come.  When it came, there was a mix up! I ordered 2 entrees, the waiter came with 3. Yes I love good food but where was all  these food  supposed to go? After going  back and forth, his supervisor asked which of the dishes we wanted to take  and we chose the 2 we ordered . case closed.  How could  a mix up happen when he wrote it down?  We started off with the creamy chicken pasta  (N 2,300-$14).  As always, I added black pepper to it.  It had just the right amount of everything, lots of chicken chunks, cream and the pasta cooked to perfection . It tasted like home food. we gave it a  right swoosh!

la cour 04

When the Seafood platter (N 6,500-$40) came , I  could not wait to dig in, it looked like something  from a  food feast. It was  fried rice with different kinds of seafood garnished with vegetables and  pepper sauce. I don’t fancy spicy food….I decided to try a little of it with the rice,  big mistake…. I quickly cleared that bit with the sauce away. I took some of the rice and It put a damper on the nice pasta. It was bland, even my black pepper and salt could not remedy it. Then i  took a bite of my grilled prawns  and I  was in heaven. It was delicious… beautifully seasoned and grilled, I tried to bargain with  Mr U to let me have all the grilled prawns and he could have all the fish but he  did not agree, meanie!!!. Then I had the Calamari  OMG . It was soooo good…. crunchy and soft …ooh!  I think this chef’s strength is his grilled seafood. The  grilled fish was unbelievable. Am I rambling?.. errrrrr,… the food caused confusion ….in a good way. The seafood was excellent. That  rice robbed it of an ace.

la cour 05

Then came the Chocolate mousse (N 800-$5)…hmmnn , lets just say he failed…woefully. I took a spoonful and I was almost forced to swallow it  with a sip of water….Mr U said it was like  he had to swallow a pill. It was a grainy  gloopy mix coloured a  nasty dose of cocoa powder, topped with a grape.  Why cant restaurants whose chefs are not desserts  savvy  just outsource it to people who are able to do it?  or train the  chefs. This was a waste of money. It  was such a damper on the seafood and pasta. I sent it back and the waiter asked me why I did not eat it, I said it was not nice and he apologized and the next thing  he said threw me off ..” he said “you know we are still going to charge you for this” …yeah, welcome to Lagos!

La cour 06

We  paid 12,960-$75 for a salad, 2 entrees,  and 1 dessert.

I did the rest room check and it was sparkling.

Would I go back there ? …Yes.


Layout/ Ambience  / aesthetics -6

Quality of food-7

Value for money  8

Customer Service – 6



33, Glover Road, Ikoyi,


08064735224 ,



  1. Have had a conference there and their food was nice (Cooper Road location).

    There are 2 locations of same hotel in Ikoyi. The Cooper Road and The Glover Road. You should try the Cooper Road and see if the standards are the same; the decor at Cooper Road is much better.

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