Happy Holidays my darlings,

I cant believe its Christmas already, we were all screaming happy new year just a coupla days  ago. Time does fly indeed.  If you are in Las gidis,  you have probably been having a good time with all the  shows, concerts and owambes that have been happening.If you are like me, that hasn’t done a single fun thing this festive period, now is the time to make your 2013 holiday a memorable one. I have no idea where to start though. Suggestions anyone?

It has been yonks that I have posted a review, how I have missed you all. I am sorry it took so long to reply your emails. I think I have everyone covered now. Thank you for your patience with me. I have been AWOL because I have been on vacation and also because work has been unbelieveably  hectic . I decided to do something different with this post. This was my vacation in pictures, the foodie bit of it.

Whilst I was editing the pictures,I asked myself how i actually ate all these foods. Yes I did, imagine how many gazzilion calories it was? Well, it could have been a gazillion calories , i limited my full meals to once a day and I walked miles and miles everyday on the beach. My jeans definitely felt  a lil tighter at the end of it but not half as bad as i thought it would be . This chic indulged but then, it was a holiday! so if you plan to indulge this holiday, please be sensible about it. if you must indulge, make allowance for exercise and stay active too.

It would be way too tasking to do a review of all these restaurants  I ate at , so I decided to give you my  food vacation in pictures- a sort of pictogram.  It ranged from street foods, to take out ,to michellin starred restaurants.

Vacay 1

Vacay 2

Vacay 3

vacay 4

Vacay 5

vacay 6

vacay 7

vacay 8

vacay 9

vacay 10

vacay 11

vacay 12

vacay 13

vacay 14

vacay 15

vacay 16

vacay 17

vacay 18

vacay 19

vacay 20

vacay 21

vacay 22

vacay 23Vacation destination: Marbella , Spain.

Restaurants I dined at:


La Moraga

Il Ristorante

Hard Rock Cafe

La Sala

Vacation Destination 2: London, United Kingdom






Wok to walk.

This food adventure  further opened my eyes to some of the major gaffes going on in the restaurants in Nigeria. Both restauranteurs and Patrons alike have a long way to go. I also appreciate how far we have gone but there’s still so much room for improvement.

Since its the season for  giving, I am feeling generous, I will announce a new sweepstake next week and also reveal my best and worst dinning restaurants and experiences for 2013.Watch this space.

Whatever you do , be mindful of the reason for the season. Stay safe please.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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