Introducing Flash review – THE CACTUS BURGER


In my last post, I mentioned that I was trying to make adjustments to my website. Here is one of them! Drum roll for flash review please… Flash review was spurred on by people constantly harassing me that I was not posting enough reviews. If you are an ardent reader, you will know that when  I do reviews, I do a minimum of 3 courses, that’s not easy on my pocket unless una wan make i  go bankrupt. So I came up with the idea of a flash review – basically a mini review.

The flash review can range from reviewing a slice of pizza or yogurt or even “Iya mayowa’s jollof rice in Alade market (if you don’t know Iya Mayowa, you are on a longggg thing). What do you think? Don’t worry, the full reviews will still be posted at least twice a month so it’s a win-win situation abi?

I had been craving gourmet cheese burger for like two weeks and since Mr U decided to ignore me, I took laws into my hands and found myself at Cactus restaurant because I couldn’t think of anywhere else #rent-a-ghost moves. 

They had several types of burgers but I opted for the Cactus burger. Menu said it was classic beef burger with bacon and a fried egg. It was served with French fries and a side of coleslaw.

burger 2

It came after about 10 minutes and I was far from impressed. Yes it’s “just” a burger but It didn’t look right on the plate.



1. The beef pattie in it was well seasoned and done.

2. That fried onion in the burger was errrything… Juicy!


1. The bun wasn’t fresh

2. The fried egg was burnt at the edges and it was tasteless

3. The oil used for the fries was rancid so the fries had an after taste… I kid you not!

4. Cole slaw was only shredded cabbage tossed in Mayonnaise or salad cream. Errr, no I didn’t taste it. It just didn’t look right .

5.The ketchup was more like BBQ sauce than ketchup.

For N3,500 (minus tax and service), It was not value for money. I would have been better off with bread from my bakery with hot agonyin beans

Have you ordered this before? What did you think of it ?

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are my opinion of my dining experiences at these restaurants. They are not sponsored by any establishment unless otherwise stated.



One thought on “Introducing Flash review – THE CACTUS BURGER

  1. Haven’t tried it before but the bun not being fresh is definitely a downside and I always love a fresh lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato peeking out.

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