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My name is Peju, wife to Mr  U,  mummy to Miss C & the divalicious Miss E. I am a pastry chef, aspiring food writer,  a lover of soccer, tennis , fine dinning  and most things fabulous.

I started this review because as a lover of good dining and luxurious spa treatments, I wanted to share my experiences with you all. My reviews embodies  what i am as a diner. These  reviews are as apt as they possibly can be. My primary aim is to help diners make informed choices  before eating out , as well as getting value for their money . My use of  slangs and  expressions are just ways to emphasize my thought(s) or reaction(s),they are mostly written in italics or caps. These reviews will be on restaurants, spas and just stuff I generally find interesting (you would be amazed) . Restaurants are scored on several parameters on my score card : the ambiance/layout/ aesthetics, customer service, value for money and quality of food.

If I have written  anything that has caught your attention, good or bad, and you would like to leave a comment please add a comment to the appropriate post. If you would like to get in touch,

Twitter-  @pejuu

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/thecriticng

Instagram- thepejuu

E-mail- thecriticng@gmail.com



Thank you 

 The Critic


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi darlyn, this is a most welcome idea. Your reviews will indeed help us make informed decisions. Ridiculous fees and poor services have become the order of the day in many restaurants and spas around. welldone dear!!

  2. Hey Girl,
    I’m impressed, infact quite shocked about colonic irrigation but admire your bravery. I enjoyED reading about your restaurant experiences and other blods- spa etc
    It definietly gives me ideas about places to dine.
    It would be nice to know which restaurants are children friendly- baby seats, menus for children etc. Just a thought.
    keep blogging.
    Olu Aliu

  3. Hi Peju, just stumbled on your blog and I LOVE IT! Apart from the fact that we share the same background for our blogs, we are both foodies. I love fine dining and look forward to hanging out at your blog, lol. Good job

    • Hello Wando,

      I am happy you found my website. I have just visited yours too. I drooled all over the pictures of the food.I ve just done my shopping list for the weekend. It’s going to be Indian food aka curries and naan this Sunday brunch. ( I hope something else doesn’t come up).

      I hope I get to sample your cooking some day.

      P.S : congratulations on your 1st runner up position.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Thank goodness…I’m now sure of a classical reliable source in determining my choice of dining and wining out, whenever i’m in town.
    Go girl…You’re on point, Cheers

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