Izanagi-The review

Wednesday, 5.15p.m


How are you guys holding up? This Lagos heat wave na die? Even my MIFI bucked under the heat. (see picture below). Chai!!, Lord, please help me to do right by you always so I don’t end up in hell fire! To think  that the dreaded hell fire is nothing compared to this?! Repent ooooo


I have been to Izanagi a few times but I just realized I had never reviewed their food for you to read. My friend Fola  and I decided  to have late lunch there about a week ago. The decor is quite inviting. The interior is partly painted soft pink and other parts were adorned with beautiful purple floral wallpaper. It had rows of bright turquoise blue seats paired with neatly laid tables. The decor is simple but it was tastefully done. The lighting here just gives it that right ambiance. It’s a cross between an upscale and romantic restaurant.

Izanagi is a Japanese restaurant that serves mainly Japanese staples. From Sushi to Sashimi , Teriyaki , Teppanyaki etc.You are enthralled right by the entrance with a beautiful artsy display of sushi. The precision with which these foods are carved  leaves me in awe every time.True food craftsmanship I would say.

We were shown seats by a waiter who introduced himself and handed us the menus. He informed us the kitchen closed for recess by 3.30 pm so we had just about 15 minutes before they closed. Choi, see better seafood for this menu… I remembered that I had promised I wouldn’t order seafood for this review in my last post. So I didn’t!! Boohoooo.

We ordered  Ultimate Sushi, Seafood Yaki Soba, Teppanyaki Chicken, Veggie Fried Rice, and Lava cake for dessert.

After the orders were taken, the waiter came to apologize that they had run out of  soba noodles but they could substitute the soba noodles for udon noodles. Well,  we would not even know  the difference if it pierced through us. So we obliged him.

The Ultimate Sushi (N1,500 – $7) was the first to be served. The chef didn’t pay attention to the presentation of this dish. Their plating  is usually fab but this was not done right. The rice cubes were crooked and the pickled ginger was just slapped on the plate. You would normally see all sorts of artsy stuff done with the green Baran garnish and wasabi but this was just placed on the plate. There was also no soy sauce or side dip for the sushi abi isn’t that always the accompaniment? Am I being unnecessarily fussy here? The plating aside, it tasted great.The  crumb coated rice was stuffed with shrimp, salmon, crab and tobiko (fish eggs) and a bit of mayonnaise I think. It was served with pickled ginger and wasabi.  I have only had pinkish pickled ginger but this was off white but it still tasted just as nice. I didn’t touch the wasabi as always.


When the mains were served, I was appalled. First up was my Chicken Teppanyaki (N3900- $18). The food was literarilly scattered on the plate. The chicken was to one side, the veggies another, and the soy sauce to another. This was such a shame. I tasted a cut of the chicken with sesame seeds and it was dry and not properly seasoned. I tried the vegetables and I almost spat it out. I am not being overly dramatic about this but this was the worst I have ever had at Izanagi. The chef wanted me to OD  on soy sauce.It was way too salty. I tried the rice and it was just alright . E be like say dis chef see me for dream. This meal went almost untouched .

iza4iza5The Seafood Udon Noodles (N3,200- $15) looked and tasted much nicer but I knew I couldn’t eat too much of it because when the waiter asked how spicy my friend wanted it to be and she opted for it to be very spicy *double eye roll * .The veggies and seafood were properly seasoned.Even the noodles had the right bite  to it. There was much more veggies in it than seafood though. We came to the conclusion that the chef just couldn’t be bothered with plating because yet again the noodles was just slapped on the plate .Who plates a dish in a premium restaurant and you can see pepper and seasoning flecks on the plates. Please see pictures below. Ishhh.

iza 3

The dessert menu is quite different from what we get around town, I would have loved to try the Tempura Fried Ice cream, but my friend was “craving”  The Chocolate Lava Cake.(N1,900-$9). My gulucious mind processed this as molten lava cake, don’t judge me please hahahaha. So when it was served and I saw it was dense chocolate cake and vanilla Ice cream I was kind of disappointed.I thought there was an error but apparently not. It was a warm slice of dense chocolate cake, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with drizzled chocolate syrup. It was really good.The cake  was delicious and it did not have that cheap cocoa taste that’s synonymous with brownies and cakes in this clime. Even the ice cream was rich and creamy.This one hit the spot. No complaints at all.


When the waiter came to clear the plates, he asked if we enjoyed the meal, we both said ‘No’. We invited him to taste The Chicken Teppanyaki  but he said he couldn’t in the main dinning room but he assured us he would taste it behind closed doors. He came back to apologize that he tasted it and said it wasn’t done right.

Were the meals hurriedly prepared because of the lunch break or what? I wish I had a crystal ball to see what happened in the kitchen that day because the food is usually on point. On this day! It was NOT!

I like the fact that the bills are given in this cute treasure boxes . The waiter apologized again about the teppanyaki and said we didn’t get billed for it. Before nko?

So for 1 portion of sushi, 1 main, and 1 dessert , we paid about N9,000- $41. (Remember we didn’t pay for the Teppanyaki. It should have come to about  N13,000- $60).

I didn’t go to the restroom to assess on this day because I had to leave hurriedly. 🙈

Would I go back? Oh yes (I know that sounds partial but I have had lots of good stuff here).


Layout / Ambiance / Aesthetics- 8

Quality of food- 5

Value for money- 5

Customer Service- 8.5


19B, Idejo Close ,

Victoria Island

0706 222 222

Thank you for always reading.

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are my opinion of my dining experiences at these restaurants. They are not sponsored by any establishment unless otherwise stated.





Thursday, 10. 06P.M,

Hey People,

How have you been? I know I went AWOL yet again. I apologize, its been rather hectic at work . The life of an entrepreneur in this town is not for the lily- livered . May God bless the hustle.

I don’t particularly fancy reviewing  new restaurants but quite a number of people have spoken to me about this restaurant so I finally caved in. I chose to go during the week because restaurants are generally calmer then, unlike weekends when the chefs have to work under so much pressure.

I asked my friends who recommended 355 Restaurant what they liked most about it  and they unanimously said it was the theme.  The decor is New- York themed- places, landmarks etc . The furniture and lighting were contemporary, with a slight twist with stone wall tiles. They had street name tags adorning the walls. At the reception, there was a large framed picture of the Brooklyn bridge with a backdrop of the New York skyline. The menu cards were done like New York subway map. This was quite ingenious in my opinion. I really fancied the fact that it was a No Smoking restaurant. Phewww! Good bye to the smell of stale dinning rooms. This is quite a small restaurant, but the space was well utilized.  I felt it was kinda tight …. a little bit

355 Restaurant 3

355 Restaurant 8

355 restaurant 2We were met by a smiling waiter who introduced herself and showed us to a table, we sat for a couple of minutes and decided to change tables. We realized we were sat near the rest rooms. while it didn’t smell foul, it was quite odorous with a strong disinfectant smell emanating from there .

355 Restaurant 7

We were handed the drinks  and  food menu. The menu was quite extensive… hopefully they had everything they advertised. They  had some Mexican , Italian and American staples. Breakfast was available all day too! Will it still be called breakfast though? hahaha. Anyway, I ordered a bottle of coke ( I had been craving this BADLY) with some corn chips and salsa. My date wanted nuts but they didn’t have any, so he opted to share  the corn chips. For the meals, we ordered the Chicken salad, Prawns Aoili, smoked Salmon with mashed potatoes.

Our drinks , Corn chips and Salsa ( N700- $4) came together. I loved the corn chips, the salsa was a No-No, it was way too watery and it tasted off . I can’t explain it. I told the waitress who promptly took it away and replaced it with another bowl, this time less watery but just as off and bland. I had my corn chips plain.

355 restaurant 1

The food took a bit to come. I was taken a little bit aback when the salad  I ordered as a starter came together with the main course. we had to keep the salad aside to go for the mains otherwise they would both cake up. We decided to share both meals so that we could have a fair assessment of the meals

We started with the Prawns Aoili  (N3000-$17), I didn’t particularly enjoy the pasta in this dish.  It was cooked right but it wasn’t memorable . For starters, it was almost cold. I  had to ask for salt and black pepper because it was bland. Could the chef have forgotten to add seasoning? The pasta was served with chili sauce. I don’t fancy spicy food per se but I decided to try some of this. It then dawned on me that maybe the  chili sauce was meant to be mixed in. I added some to the pasta and it tasted much better. So what happens to people that don’t eat spicy food? Will they be forced to eat this too? I felt like I was eating pasta and stew with Prawns. Talking about the Prawns, I don’t know what the chef did to it, but it was delicious!

355 restaurant 6

355 restaurant 4

We promptly moved to the baked Salmon and mashed potatoes (N5500-$31) . When I was ordering this,  I don’t remember the sauce she said it would come with it, but  I know she asked me to choose. When the meal was served, it was without any sauce or gravy (see picture below). Was I supposed to chow down the mash and salmon like that?  so I asked her. She came  with the same spicy chilli sauce. My date asked me  if the sauce was  generic to all their meals.  I didn’t have an answer oh. As always, I added black pepper to my mash. First bite- cold mashed potatoes with lumps in it! o ga oh, ( its possible that the mashed potatoes got cold because we did the pasta first) but then how long  did it take to eat the Pasta? The mash was cold and lumpy but it tasted alright. The Salmon was BEAUTIFULLY done, moist on the inside and the outside  was slightly crisp. I could live on this for days, I decided to try it with the spicy sauce. It was even better. I must have downed a  50 cl bottle of water just to water down the sting of the sauce. It was way too spicy for me but it tasted darned good.

355 restaurant 5

After all that water and spice, my tummy could take no more , I didn’t touch the salad. I requested  for it to be packed as take away. I had over done it. I didn’t bother looking at the dessert menu.

All that food ,water and spice had driven me to lazy mode. ( covers face in shame). I did not check the restrooms out but if I could smell the disinfectant from outside, I wonder what it smelled like inside.

Are you wondering why I didn’t write about the salad?  Well, I was so high on water and spicy sauce that I forgot to take the packed salad. I remembered when I was miles away. I called the restaurant to ask why it wasn’t given to me. The gentleman I spoke to apologized and was nice enough to offer me another salad whenever I was in the neighborhood.

There is an outdoor lounge / smoking area. Right by the parking area. (I forgot to take a picture)

Would I go back there? For that Salmon, oh yes!

For 2 bottles of coke, 1 bottle of water, 1 starter, 2 mains and 1 appetizer, we paid N14,580. All taxes inclusive.


Layout / Ambiance / Aesthetics- 7

Quality of food-  7

Value for money- 6

Customer Service- 8.5


9A,Oko- Awo close

Victoria Island



Thank you for always reading.

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are my opinion of my dining experiences  at these places. They are not sponsored  by any establishment unless otherwise stated.


Hey People,

Monday 11.30P.M

Recently, I came across an article about a deli owner closing his restaurant briefly for attitude adjustment of his staff. Read  here . Attitude adjustment?! Is that remotely possible in this clime? I am not sure about that. I came across an acquaintance’s rant on twitter some time  ago on  a highbrow restaurant  she went to in Lagos. Whilst dinning, a fat rat  ran across the dinning room. Her friend who went there at a different time had a similar experience.  she said the restaurant offered them 10% discount on their meals  which they declined and business continued . Question is, what stopped them from closing temporarily to fumigate their business premises? Things you see and hear in this town.

I recently discovered  what I would like to call the best kept secret in Lagos. A friend of mine told me about it actually. The Harbour at the Westforsters . It was a bit tricky getting to the location because the numbering is quite haphazard and  it is tucked away on Queen’s  Drive , Ikoyi. Initially, I thought it was a hotel, I later found out that it was short let  serviced apartment whose  restaurant and bar were open to the public.

The Harbour 1

The Harbour 2This building  reminds me of those charming mansions on Bishops Avenue that make you drool and think of how big you would like to be when you “ grew up”.  The dinning room was not particularly large, it would probably sit about 30 people, what it lacked in size , was made up for in the  simple Victorian décor which was  tastefully done. The lounge music playing and low lights here gave off that romantic vibe. You know the kain place wey na wantintin thoughts go full your head? It was that kind of place. The view was amazing! They also had an alfresco dinning section overlooking the Lagos  lagoon and the swimming pool.

The Harbour 6

The Harbour 8Hint hint : To all those lovers out here if you want to go  somewhere romantic for valentine’s day, here’s free advise, this is the place for you.

A smartly dressed waiter  introduced himself  and handed us the drinks menu. It was not extensive , just bit and pieces of different  kinds of drinks. Mr U & I ordered soda……double side eye.  After ordering drinks ,we were given the food menu.  They  had sandwiches, salads, pizzas and soups , pastas , stuffed chicken, and a few desserts. In as much as I was not particularly pleased with menu listing, I quite appreciated that they kept it simple enough i.e no fancy name that I couldn’t pronounce.

For the starters,  we ordered  the Prawn Salad with grape fruits. For the mains, we ordered   Seafood Pasta and  Baraccuda fish with sautéed potatoes and vegetables.

The Prawn Salad (N3,000-$17) came first. I liked the plating, simple yet interesting to look at. This salad was sautéed prawns served on greens, with a side of grape fruit and oranges.  I asked the waiter for the dressing  and he said there was none. Hmmnn .  He said we should try it first to see if we needed any more dressing. The chap was sure right. The salad had just the right amount of  dressing. I don’t know the exact dressing but  it  worked so well with the salad. He came back to ask if we still wanted it and we said No. He had this “yeah we got them”  look on his face as he walked away. The salad was served with toasted baguette.

The Harbour 3

The main courses came together. We decided to start with Seafood Pasta (N,4600-$26). You know when you look at food and your mouth waters? That’s what happened when  I saw the seafood pasta. The plate looked like it had too much going on but believe me when I say it all worked well for this dish.  The pasta was tossed in spicy cheddar cheese sauce and Asian sugar snap peas,carrots, shrimps, mussels and  broccoli. Right in the middle of this was a sauteed jumbo Prawn with a side serving of cheese. Tres delicieux !!  I would definitely give it an ace.

The Harbour 4

The Barracuda  with vegetables (N4000-$23). The fish was pan seared and served atop seasoned fresh vegetables. It was served with  herbed baked potatoes , garlic butter and some pepper sauce that I refused to touch out of fear of  it being spicy. The fish was  a bit under spiced on its own but the garlic butter and a bit of salt perfected it . The herbed baked potatoes was  nicely done. slightly crispy on the outside  and and soft inside.  And those vegetables, crisp and nicely seasoned!

The Harbour 5

Worthy of note here is the  portion sizes, it was  just right. By the time I was done sharing  the three dishes  with Mr U, I didn’t have room for water not to talk of dessert. Yes I skipped on dessert. Even I was taken a little aback about that decision. Besides the desserts menu, was quite uninteresting and expensive. Why should I buy 2 scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream for (N2,200$13)? The jazz no catch me reach. I am beginning to think I need emoticons for such situations as this. Ishhh.

For 1 salad, 2 main dishes, 2 bottles of  soft drinks , we paid N 14,735. ( Taxes were included) And NO! the waiter didn’t bring my change! After such nice service? Booooo.

Would I go back there?…. Absolutely.


Layout / Ambience / Aesthetics- 9

Quality of food-  9

Value for money- 8

Customer Service- 8


70, Oyinkan Abayomi street ( Formerly Queens Drive)


Tel: 07046126577, 014484100-3

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are my opinion of my dinning experiences  at these places. They are not sponsored  by any establishment unless otherwise stated.


Tuesday, 8.30 p.m

Hello people,

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I hope my letter got to the Messrs Restauranteur, I patiently await their response(s). For those that missed my letter to Mr Restauranteur please  click on this link. I have got quite a number of mails asking why most of the restaurants I review are on the Island, I have done quite a few on the mainland. I am open to suggestions on places to review  on the mainland. Proper restaurants only please i.e no fast  food places.

I had heard a lot about the restaurants at Intercontinental Hotel in Victoria Island. This day  seemed like a good opportunity to explore so we ended up at Milano Restaurant. This is the Italian restaurant on the second floor of the hotel.  Milano Restaurant is a well laid out dining room that seats about 60 guests. The furnishing is quite contemporary and elegant with well laid out tables. Most outstanding piece here is the champagne wall or shall we call it a divider? It had almost unending rows of premium bottles of champagne. The view is quite lovely- overlooking the lobby area.

milano 001milano 02

milano 03milano 04Once seated the waiter brought the menu. E be like say  I go need a language instructor to order food here. The food was written in Italiano so you would have to try to pronounce the names to order. I shan’t gree.  With the help of the waiter, I ordered the meals.  I asked the waiter if they had any house wines, he said yes , he offered to show me the bottle. Unfortunately they did not have rose I wanted. I opted for white wine. He brought the bottle to show me before pouring but he did not pour it in my presence. There was no price for the house wine , I begin wonder oh. Should i be worried?

After about twenty minutes,  the waiter came with the appetizer- an assortment of Italian breads and dips. The breads were a breathe of fresh air. They were  fresh!  We had bread sticks ,sourdough bread and a “baguetty” like one I dIdn’t know. The breads were served  with the “traditional ” olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip, the crushed olives dip and a salsa dip. I have been told several times by an Italian chef and a few culinary school classmates that  dipping bread in Olive oil with balsamic vinegar is not a traditional Italian practice , they also said that serving bread before pasta is not typical of Italians .The reason they gave was that  balsamic vinegar ruins the rich taste of  their highly priced olive oil and also that eating bread before a meal ruins the appetite. The Italians said so , no be me oh! And errmm, some of you might be wondering why they didn’t just give us butter, The Italians don’t do bread and butter…they say.  let’s just leave that story for another day, I learnt that in quite an embarrassing way…..

milano 05

The entrees came after about forty – five minutes, in my books that is forever. First up was the Petto Di Pollo Ripieni (N 7,900-$48 ), this was described as  chicken stuffed with liver pate served with truffle whipped potatoes. I subbed the truffle whipped potatoes with baked potatoes. …..as my Ghanian friends say. bluffo(sp)…. big grammar. In my opinion this was a basic meal with a fancy name. When it came I was not wowed. Yet again, the term -value for money comes into play . I have had better Italian food. The chicken came with some sort of gravy I could not place. It was basically stuffed grilled chicken with baked potatoes served with vegetables. It was quite nice but was it commensurate to the price paid for it? No.

milano 06

The second entree was the Carre’d agnello con crosta d’erbe (N8900- $55) . Hmmmn, I will buy you one plate of  Ofe nsala and pounded yam if you can pronounce this right…. that’s if you had no prior knowledge of Italiano. The menu described this as baked rack of lamb with whole grain mustard and herb crust and truffle whipped potatoes. This entree had three chunks of  lamb chops with mashed potatoes , vegetables and the same sauce that came with the first entree. I was not impressed  that it was the same sauce that was served with the chicken and the lamb….. the sauce seemed a bit watered down too. If you read my post regularly, you would have noticed that I don’t quite fancy breaded foods, this was no different. I painstakingly  scraped off the breaded crust before eating the lamb. It was very nicely done, well seasoned and tender. The truffle whipped potato was mashed potatoes with a smoother and creamier texture. very nice, it tasted too smooth and rich to have been from freshly mashed  potatoes, I suspected that it was boxed mashed potatoes. It was very nicely done so it didn’t really matter.

milano 07

The dessert menu had three desserts on offer. One of which is my favorite  dessert ever- Tiramisu. I absolutely love this dessert. but I had to borrow myself a brain when I saw the price. It was a whopping N 3,800 ($23), Make una no worry, the juju no catch me. It had better be a whole tray of Tiramisu for that price. I  jejely nursed my glass of wine after my meal.

I observed that the menu was not that extensive. I was hoping to see a variety of pasta  meals especially  ravioli, seafood and cured meats but the menu was in trickles of these , In my opinion, it  lacked the originality and staples of a typical  Italian restaurant.

P.S :  The glass of house wine caused N 2,300… The wine was called San Valentin…. Lagos na wa. Way overpriced if I may say so.

For a glass of “house white wine” and 2 entrees , we paid (N19,850- $121). did anyone just scream blue murder. Well I did.  It brings me to one  conclusion. Would I be right to say that in Lagos, we actually pay for ambience and not the meal per se? Help a sister out here please.


Layout/ Ambience  / aesthetics -9

Quality of food-7

Value for money  6

Customer Service – 7


Intercontinental Hotel

52, Kofo Abayomi street,

Victoria Island ,




Monday 9.54 P.M.

Hey  beautiful people,

Oh gosh , can it be September already? My little madams are driving me bananas. I have new found respect for teachers  and minders who stay with these children  for long hours.  For this review, I had to go  with them or no review this week again…. little did I know!  My  food probably digested before I even left the restaurant.

I have been itching to review  Restaurant La Provence. In my previous posts, it was  referred to as  “Restaurant X” . My first  sweepstakes winner and I were supposed  to review it but it was being renovated. The second attempt was when my date stood me up… so finally I got the chance.

Restaurant La Provence shares the same building with Casa Lydia on Glover road, Ikoyi . If  you missed my review of  Casa Lydia,  please find it  here.  It is a small cozy restaurant that  sits about 40 people. There is no specific theme here, it is just a mix and match of different chairs with basic table  settings. To a corner is a bar with contemporary lighting.

la provence 1

la provence 2A pleasant looking waiter  introduced himself and offered us a table for 4. He brought the drinks menu but I did not even so much as have a look at it because I did not want to have that horrid  cocktail experience yet again, so we opted for water especially as my kids had been overindulging with all that sugary and fizzy drinks. Well, the  waiter tried and tried again to get me to order a cocktail. I then shared my last  cocktail experience with him and he shocked me…. he said, ” I’ll mix you a cocktail…… on the house”. In Lagos?!  I am always  wary of freebies in this town. I  took him up  on it. I did not choose any. I told him to fix anything  nice.  And I waited…

Owing to the name of the restaurant, I was expecting to see provencale  or french dishes  but they  had mostly Italian and inter-continental  dishes with  a dusting of  french staples. It was quite extensive. For our  starter, we decided on Chicken salad.  For the main course , we decided on Barracuda poached in Champagne sauce served with mashed potatoes and the New Zealand Lamb with sauteed potatoes. I knew we would not be ordering desserts  because I had promised my mini mes  we would take them somewhere  to eat ice cream, also because  I had an unpleasant  dessert experience at their sister restaurant and they had the same dessert menu.

Mr waiter “the mixologist” came  back with my  yellow cocktail, Hmmnn mango or orange I figured.  I  am not a fan of ripe  mangoes. Infact I  often get teased about  eating  goat mango (green/ unripe mango). Well, for one it was not served in a tumbler. It looked nice. I  tasted it , it was Mango Daiquiri…the good type I was pleasantly surprised, it had just the right  touch of everything.  Mr U tried it as well and gave it the double thumbs up.  The minis-mes wanted some but selfish mummy would not share…. they did not understand that I was not being selfish , I just didnt  share  because it had alcohol.

la provence 3

The Chicken Salad (N 2,000- $12) came next,  this took  about 35 minutes from when we ordered, this was eternity considering how hungry we were.  One of the little misses had started asking for  ga-ga-at ( groundnut). The salad was well  worth the wait… The chicken breast was deliciously  marinated and grilled. it was served on a heaped bed of lettuce , tomatoes, zucchini and cabbage. There was some sort of dressing drizzled on it. It worked perfectly for me but the menu stated that it came with Mayonnaise dressing I did not see any. I know it was just a starter but the portion was not commensurate to its cost. When the plate was empty,  Lil miss 2 wanted more.  Wahala dey o….

la provence 4

The main dishes came next, first up was the New Zealand Lamb with sauteed potatoes and some sort of gravy ( 4500-$28 ).  i liked how the plate was put together. The sauteed potatoes was awesomely delicious. I could go on and on about this…the lamb and the reduction sauce….all shades of awesome… in three words, I’d say tender, well seasoned, and delicious….did I say delicious before? yes it was worth mentioning twice. For me, this was an ACE.

la provence 5

The Barracuda  poached in champagne sauce  (4000-$25  – where do they get all these fancy names from? ) It was served with mashed potatoes and some sort of tomato sauce. for someone that eats with her eyes first, this was very well put together. The mashed potatoes was garnished with a carved  tomato flower with an olive as the bud. it looked quite appealing to the eyes. it was smooth and fluffy but it lacked the creaminess I was expecting. The fish on the other hand was  well seasoned and  crisp,not overcooked as with other staples in this part of the world.  We gobbled it down in no time.

la provence 6

Little miss 2 still wanted her salad .. the waterworks was in full operation . When the waiter came to the table to clear plates, he asked why she was crying, we said she wanted more salad… mummy and daddy  were  going to be mean because at this point,  we had had more than enough to it, the salad would have wasted if we had  ordered another. To my astonishment,  Mr waiter came back after about 5 minutes  with a mini bowl of salad for her. This is full of surprises. The smile she gave him could have lit up a hundred watt bulb. I had to ask him  his name again… His name was Kelvin.  He became  her Uncle Kelvin instantly…….talk about FFF ( friend for food). Here is Kelvin’s picture below.

la provence 7

When we were leaving I asked if they enjoyed the meal, they said they loved it and asked when we could go to see Uncle Kelvin again….. chai they can thief this my  shidren with food oh.  I hope a member of Restaurant of La Provence will read this post . ” Uncle Kelvin is a fab waiter  and mixologist … Thank you for the extras. I am of the opinion that they  need to get toddler chairs to make it more child friendly.

We paid about N12,000- $75  for  1 appetizer and  2 entrees. The mango Daiquiri and mini salad  were on the house… lucky us right?

Would I go back there? …. A Resounding Yes.


Layout/ Ambience  / Aesthetics- 7

Quality of food- 9

Value for money- 9

Customer Service- 10.


19 , Glover Road, Ikoyi.

01 -8209239

Thank you for always reading.

SPA LAVENDER, Okunola Aina street, Mende Maryland.

Wednesday 9. 46 pm,

Hey People,

How have you all been? I know you would automatically say good, I definitely can’t say the same.It has been scorching hot in Las Gidis! I feel so fatigued….. maybe like a truck ran over me( I am not sure I know exactly what that feels like) This girl deserves a treat. I knew just where to go.

I had been itching to visit spa lavender for a while but this town has a way of changing plans. The first time I passed Spa Lavender  I went to visit a friend and on my way back, I decided to stop by and see what it was all about. It looked quite nice from the outside. I quite liked what I saw so I decided to go back there. What struck me the first time I went there to check it out were the prices. It was way too pricey for me.Well its a treat, isnt it?

Well, your girl was in luck, they had reviewed their prices and they had more pocket friendly prices & packages…at least to me. I settled for a package that included massage, steam bath, full body scrub and full body massage, I was quite expectant.

For easier reading, I will  write about the treatments separately.

The Facial : This was the first part of the treatment, it was done by a pleasant Indian lady, there was something about this facial that did not sit quite right with me.Initially, I could not quite place it.  The lady was not quite as thorough as I was used to. I practically slept through her removal of black heads,that has never happened before, I cringe when my face is being treated on a normal day. On hindsight, i figured that she did not apply quite the  pressure  I was used to.My face felt quite nice after I had the facial though.For someone who works ” quite closely” to people’s noses, she smelled of a certain spice…….( no pun intended)

The Steam and body scrub: This was a totally new experience, I was used to the regular steam rooms,  but this was different, an apt description of this steam process would be steaming your body in  a wooden steam cubicle whilst sitting  on a small stool  with your head sticking out.I was told they were commonly used in southern Asia.  I had to sit in the cubicle for 25 mins, I was itching to get out of it. If you are claustrophobic,I am not sure its a good idea. I happily got out when it was over.

The full body scrub : I absolutely LOVED this, Immediately after the steam, I laid on a slab for the scrubbers .I was jolted from my day dreaming when I felt something very cold on my legs…ice!!!, the contrast of the ice on my skin and the warmth from the steam cubicle was fabulous albeit startling initially. I was not given the option to choose, but I was given the herbal papaya scrub…it smelled great. There were 2 people scrubbing  and rubbing ice simultaneously and they both seemed to be following  the same routine , they preened, scrubbed and polished  till they had covered  almost every inch of my body. I did not want it to end. I washed off  the scrub and I was ushered into the massage room.

The massage: This was the most anticipated part of this treat for me, my tired and creaky bones needed to be set right. The massage was done in an oriental themed room with all the trappings of a massage room. The masseuse – another Asian lady (she had super soft hands) she made sure I was comfortable and she began to work wonders with her fingers, it is unbelievable  what skilled hands can do to tired bones. I wish I could steal this woman to my house and have her at my beck and call. I did not want the process to end.

At  this point, may I add that this awesome experience was almost ruined by noise, for a  place that nicely tells you to  turn off your phone or put it on silent when you are going to the treatment rooms, I was quite disappointed that some member of staff decided to turn up the volume of whatever music was being played. Also, I could hear all the noise from the reception area, it was so loud that the masseuse had to go to the receptionist to complain.

Would I go back there?…. probably especially because of the body scrub




They were thorough with the treatment especially the body scrub.

It was value for money(I do not like to discuss prices, I will make this exception, I paid N20,000 for all the treatments ( the facial, the steam and body scrub & massage).

The staff  were nice .


I was not advised on what the treatment entailed.

That amount of noise experienced at the spa is an absolute no no. It just takes away from the ambience of the place.

So its been done. Has anyone been to spa lavender? I will like to hear your views.