Izanagi-The review

Wednesday, 5.15p.m


How are you guys holding up? This Lagos heat wave na die? Even my MIFI bucked under the heat. (see picture below). Chai!!, Lord, please help me to do right by you always so I don’t end up in hell fire! To think  that the dreaded hell fire is nothing compared to this?! Repent ooooo


I have been to Izanagi a few times but I just realized I had never reviewed their food for you to read. My friend Fola  and I decided  to have late lunch there about a week ago. The decor is quite inviting. The interior is partly painted soft pink and other parts were adorned with beautiful purple floral wallpaper. It had rows of bright turquoise blue seats paired with neatly laid tables. The decor is simple but it was tastefully done. The lighting here just gives it that right ambiance. It’s a cross between an upscale and romantic restaurant.

Izanagi is a Japanese restaurant that serves mainly Japanese staples. From Sushi to Sashimi , Teriyaki , Teppanyaki etc.You are enthralled right by the entrance with a beautiful artsy display of sushi. The precision with which these foods are carved  leaves me in awe every time.True food craftsmanship I would say.

We were shown seats by a waiter who introduced himself and handed us the menus. He informed us the kitchen closed for recess by 3.30 pm so we had just about 15 minutes before they closed. Choi, see better seafood for this menu… I remembered that I had promised I wouldn’t order seafood for this review in my last post. So I didn’t!! Boohoooo.

We ordered  Ultimate Sushi, Seafood Yaki Soba, Teppanyaki Chicken, Veggie Fried Rice, and Lava cake for dessert.

After the orders were taken, the waiter came to apologize that they had run out of  soba noodles but they could substitute the soba noodles for udon noodles. Well,  we would not even know  the difference if it pierced through us. So we obliged him.

The Ultimate Sushi (N1,500 – $7) was the first to be served. The chef didn’t pay attention to the presentation of this dish. Their plating  is usually fab but this was not done right. The rice cubes were crooked and the pickled ginger was just slapped on the plate. You would normally see all sorts of artsy stuff done with the green Baran garnish and wasabi but this was just placed on the plate. There was also no soy sauce or side dip for the sushi abi isn’t that always the accompaniment? Am I being unnecessarily fussy here? The plating aside, it tasted great.The  crumb coated rice was stuffed with shrimp, salmon, crab and tobiko (fish eggs) and a bit of mayonnaise I think. It was served with pickled ginger and wasabi.  I have only had pinkish pickled ginger but this was off white but it still tasted just as nice. I didn’t touch the wasabi as always.


When the mains were served, I was appalled. First up was my Chicken Teppanyaki (N3900- $18). The food was literarilly scattered on the plate. The chicken was to one side, the veggies another, and the soy sauce to another. This was such a shame. I tasted a cut of the chicken with sesame seeds and it was dry and not properly seasoned. I tried the vegetables and I almost spat it out. I am not being overly dramatic about this but this was the worst I have ever had at Izanagi. The chef wanted me to OD  on soy sauce.It was way too salty. I tried the rice and it was just alright . E be like say dis chef see me for dream. This meal went almost untouched .

iza4iza5The Seafood Udon Noodles (N3,200- $15) looked and tasted much nicer but I knew I couldn’t eat too much of it because when the waiter asked how spicy my friend wanted it to be and she opted for it to be very spicy *double eye roll * .The veggies and seafood were properly seasoned.Even the noodles had the right bite  to it. There was much more veggies in it than seafood though. We came to the conclusion that the chef just couldn’t be bothered with plating because yet again the noodles was just slapped on the plate .Who plates a dish in a premium restaurant and you can see pepper and seasoning flecks on the plates. Please see pictures below. Ishhh.

iza 3

The dessert menu is quite different from what we get around town, I would have loved to try the Tempura Fried Ice cream, but my friend was “craving”  The Chocolate Lava Cake.(N1,900-$9). My gulucious mind processed this as molten lava cake, don’t judge me please hahahaha. So when it was served and I saw it was dense chocolate cake and vanilla Ice cream I was kind of disappointed.I thought there was an error but apparently not. It was a warm slice of dense chocolate cake, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with drizzled chocolate syrup. It was really good.The cake  was delicious and it did not have that cheap cocoa taste that’s synonymous with brownies and cakes in this clime. Even the ice cream was rich and creamy.This one hit the spot. No complaints at all.


When the waiter came to clear the plates, he asked if we enjoyed the meal, we both said ‘No’. We invited him to taste The Chicken Teppanyaki  but he said he couldn’t in the main dinning room but he assured us he would taste it behind closed doors. He came back to apologize that he tasted it and said it wasn’t done right.

Were the meals hurriedly prepared because of the lunch break or what? I wish I had a crystal ball to see what happened in the kitchen that day because the food is usually on point. On this day! It was NOT!

I like the fact that the bills are given in this cute treasure boxes . The waiter apologized again about the teppanyaki and said we didn’t get billed for it. Before nko?

So for 1 portion of sushi, 1 main, and 1 dessert , we paid about N9,000- $41. (Remember we didn’t pay for the Teppanyaki. It should have come to about  N13,000- $60).

I didn’t go to the restroom to assess on this day because I had to leave hurriedly. 🙈

Would I go back? Oh yes (I know that sounds partial but I have had lots of good stuff here).


Layout / Ambiance / Aesthetics- 8

Quality of food- 5

Value for money- 5

Customer Service- 8.5


19B, Idejo Close ,

Victoria Island

0706 222 222

Thank you for always reading.

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are my opinion of my dining experiences at these restaurants. They are not sponsored by any establishment unless otherwise stated.





Sunday  11.02 p.m,

Hello Everyone.

Recently I came  across an article posted on  nytimes.com . It weighed the odds of tipping against service charge. Find the article here .  I am almost  sure these rules don’t apply to Lagos but it  kinda evoked a thought in me…to tip or not to tip? Has it occurred to you that in Lagos we pay premium for dining at casual restaurants, we pay service charge. consumption tax, VAT and then we are expected to tip again?…yet we get crappy service from some of these “restauraneurs“.  Please fill the poll link  attached to this post. It would be good to know your thoughts on this… Thank you in advance.

la cour 01la cour 02

Una see me see trouble? My phone finally packed up and “the new listsef don go with am! Now I am lost, please  help this grubbido here.  Send me places to review ( places I have not done yet please) .

Last weekend, we went to La Cour Restaurant for dinner . La Cour restaurant is part of La Cour Hotel ( I did not know it was a hotel initially). We were shown the restaurant by a sully looking receptionist.  Just after the entrance, there was a sign that read ” For hotel guests only” I was taken a little bit aback. I had to ask if it was alright to go in. If they were opened to the public, why was the notice there in the first place? The restaurant proper is rather small, it  probably sits about  thirty diners. I was drawn in by well laid out tables. There is  not much to say about the decor…..its just blah but the lighting  and soft lounge music playing in the background gave off a somewhat romantic ambience. I liked it.  I would like to categorize this as a romantic spot. I am of the opinion that the decor can be done better than it is presently.

la cour 07

We were handed the wine and cocktails lists.  I badly wanted a glass of wine but Mr U did not want , so I ordered a bottle of water. So thumbs down to Mr U for being a parry pooper this week. The wine list was not so extensive but I liked the fact that there were recommendations on which wine to pair with what dish. Did they have a sommelier in-house?  The menu was not vast, they had soups, salads, steak , chicken and seafood. pizza , pasta and an almost non-existent desserts list. I liked the fact that there were no fancy names . For our  appetizer,we  ordered the goddess salad with yogurt  dressing.  I can just imagine  the look on my mum’s face If I told her I went to a restaurant and I ordered  the goddess salad, LOL . Why  the name goddess salad though?

For the main entrée, we ordered the Chicken Pasta and The Seafood Platter.  For desserts, We requested the  Chocolate mousse. Whilst we waited, we were served peanuts and bread rolls with sesame seeds and butter.  What is it with Lagos restaurants and  almost stale microwaved bread? This is like the third time in a row!  As a paafun connossieur , I know  what I am talking about.  We sha ate it.. gulu –incorporated. ( covers face).  When  the goddess salad ( N 1200-$7) came , I did not see what was goddessy about it.  All  I saw was sliced  eggs and tomatoes….. till I dug in. The salad was fresh and crunchy but the sautéed shrimps and  croutons with the yogurt dressing were outstanding. I did not understand why it was served in this kind of  bowl though. It did not do much for presentation.

la cour 03

We waited for about twenty minutes for the entrees to come.  When it came, there was a mix up! I ordered 2 entrees, the waiter came with 3. Yes I love good food but where was all  these food  supposed to go? After going  back and forth, his supervisor asked which of the dishes we wanted to take  and we chose the 2 we ordered . case closed.  How could  a mix up happen when he wrote it down?  We started off with the creamy chicken pasta  (N 2,300-$14).  As always, I added black pepper to it.  It had just the right amount of everything, lots of chicken chunks, cream and the pasta cooked to perfection . It tasted like home food. we gave it a  right swoosh!

la cour 04

When the Seafood platter (N 6,500-$40) came , I  could not wait to dig in, it looked like something  from a  food feast. It was  fried rice with different kinds of seafood garnished with vegetables and  pepper sauce. I don’t fancy spicy food….I decided to try a little of it with the rice,  big mistake…. I quickly cleared that bit with the sauce away. I took some of the rice and It put a damper on the nice pasta. It was bland, even my black pepper and salt could not remedy it. Then i  took a bite of my grilled prawns  and I  was in heaven. It was delicious… beautifully seasoned and grilled, I tried to bargain with  Mr U to let me have all the grilled prawns and he could have all the fish but he  did not agree, meanie!!!. Then I had the Calamari  OMG . It was soooo good…. crunchy and soft …ooh!  I think this chef’s strength is his grilled seafood. The  grilled fish was unbelievable. Am I rambling?.. errrrrr,… the food caused confusion ….in a good way. The seafood was excellent. That  rice robbed it of an ace.

la cour 05

Then came the Chocolate mousse (N 800-$5)…hmmnn , lets just say he failed…woefully. I took a spoonful and I was almost forced to swallow it  with a sip of water….Mr U said it was like  he had to swallow a pill. It was a grainy  gloopy mix coloured a  nasty dose of cocoa powder, topped with a grape.  Why cant restaurants whose chefs are not desserts  savvy  just outsource it to people who are able to do it?  or train the  chefs. This was a waste of money. It  was such a damper on the seafood and pasta. I sent it back and the waiter asked me why I did not eat it, I said it was not nice and he apologized and the next thing  he said threw me off ..” he said “you know we are still going to charge you for this” …yeah, welcome to Lagos!

La cour 06

We  paid 12,960-$75 for a salad, 2 entrees,  and 1 dessert.

I did the rest room check and it was sparkling.

Would I go back there ? …Yes.


Layout/ Ambience  / aesthetics -6

Quality of food-7

Value for money  8

Customer Service – 6



33, Glover Road, Ikoyi,


08064735224 ,


Monday, 5.15pm

Hey Hey

There has been sooo much buzz about the ocean basket restaurant  in Lagos, that I  had been planning to visit for sometime but I  just never got round to it. A perfect opportunity presented itself recently. It was my dear friend’s birthday and I was invited to have lunch with a couple of other friends, there could not have been a  better time than a Sunday afternoon. As with most restaurants in Lagos, we did not need to have table reservation but knowing there would be about 12 of us,we had to request for a table large enough to accommodate us, the manager was quite nice about it and fixed us up real quick.The restaurant was packed to the rafters. At this point, I must say that for a  fish and seafood place, it did not smell fishy at all, I was pleasantly surprised. Seated,we decided to wait for everyone to come before placing our orders. After our orders  of several  full deck platters and wine were taken, we were served sliced baguettes with butter,some sort of  jalapeno sauce and creamy sauce. We went through the bread rounds

rather quickly, the food seemed to be taking longer than we were told, the waiter brought two more rounds of bread and sauces, and it went down just as fast as the others  did. At this point everyone had got really tired of the bread!!!!After what seemed like eternity! the food came, I assumed I had stuffed up on enough bread to be bothered about the real food. Little did I know, I ate a piece of the calamari and I could not stop eating, It was well worth the wait. The seafood was nicely seasoned and served. In my opinion it was quite different from the regular stuff we get served in Lagos. The wine could not have  tasted better with this meal. One thing I was  however not impressed with, was the portions, considering the fact that it was the  full deck platter we ordered.  it did not seem like a lot for 4 grown up to eat. We swiftly moved on to desserts,the dessert menu was not  that extensive but We decided  to have some anyway, I ordered the mud pie served with ice cream and my friend ordered Cheesecake. When it came I really wish i had not ordered it because it put a damper on all the nice things I had eaten. The cheesecake was stale! …yes stale , it tasted like it had been the freezer for too long( it tasted of freezer if you know what i mean), the mud pie was not much better.we brought the attention of the waiter to it , he apologized and  took the plate away. He promptly came back with the manager who also apologized and  offered us ice cream for free, even though I did not like the fact that the ice cream( and other desserts) was just slapped on the plate in a semi liquid form, it was a good gesture that the manager actually paid attention to what was going on with us.

So would I go back there? Yes.


Layout/Ambience /Aesthetics-7

Quality of food-7

Customer Service-8

Value for Money-7